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Hilarious Science Fair Projects (8 photos)

main hilarious funny fake science fair projects 191 Hilarious Science Fair Projects (8 photos)

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  • Leanna

    Theses are fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dre

      Wow!! This is the first of all firsts

  • robin yates

    fake but funny,,,,,,,,,,,thanks

  • xclusive02

    I only wish that I could have come up with an awesome research project like this. Fake or not. They are still highlarious

  • that guy

    Give credit where credit is due. You took these from

  • Azrrael

    long long time ago!!!

    • Pettinato

      I know right I wonder how many of these old post go unread nowadays

      • schnit123

        I came on here today to find that out for myself. Evidently a few of us still come by.

        • okawesome

          It's been a month since anyone has commented on anything. I've been a chiver for a couple years now, but I wanted to see the first couple post(s)

  • You raff yuo roose v.3870 by spamtheman - Page 280 - TribalWar Forums

    […] Hilarious Science Fair Projects (8 photos) : theCHIVE   […]

  • Munk85


  • Da_Boz

    Problem: Ran out of new posts to get my Chive on with.
    Solution: Start at the back and way my way forward.

  • okawesome

    Do you think the "gay plague" one is fake, I don't. It's hilarious that man on horse is okay. There are no numbers on the pics

  • Matty Rochelle
  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Rob

    These were from a Photoshop Phriday on

  • Uh huh...

    Nothing gets past you Leanna!

  • Uh huh...

    Don’t be that guy…

  • Meyla

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