Collagen lip jobs gone bad…aka lip jobs (12 photos)

main bad botox lip job46 Collagen lip jobs gone bad...aka lip jobs (12 photos)

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  • tom

    I think you mean collagen lips. Botox is used to smooth out wrinkles and lines.

  • Nix

    Are #2 and the one on the left in #9 the same chick? General similarities, plus their eyebrows are the same shape

  • blance

    yeah, there’s like 5 pictures of the same girl. I’d like to see what happens if you stopped getting maintenance injections, do they start to deflate?

  • Gill Avila

    You want a real horrorshow? Find a recent pic of Nikki Cox. She looks like a donor recipient from Mick Jagger.

    • dontkillme

      I just googled her name, she was so hot…

  • апа


  • Digitsis

    Nasty – do guys really find those attractive?

    • Viking

      NO!!!!! Most do not find it attractive. Duck lips are great for catfish bait on a treble hook and that's just about it….
      ….actually, that whole tribe of trash with the Jersey Shore Douchebag Style is only good for alligator bait except that it's cruel and unusual punishment to the poor alligators.

  • Starship Pain

    Nope. Wouldnt go anywhere near any of them.

  • robin yates

    most look ok to me,,,,,,,,,, if done properly lips like that are a turnon

  • xclusive02

    those lips are gross

  • Nate_karr

    damn that last bitch is ugly

  • Equalizer

    I’m still gonna bang #6…

  • andrea

    the last one looks like a zombie 0_O

  • Pfft

    They’re whores anyway. dick suckin’ lips.

  • schango

    I’m afraid knowing that last bitch even exsist

  • Hmm

    I’d say the pic with Britney Spears isn’t bad lip job I think it looks more like she just got her upper lip waxed lol

  • majin

    Ewwwwwww too ugly , their lips is full of dirt

  • LaChanteuse

    Most of these girls look too plastic-surgery-addicted to even care how bad their lips look…
    I love my country.

  • rush

    #11 looks pretty..SCARY..

  • [clevernamehere]

    I would withhold judgment until I felt a set of them wrapped around my shwanz. If they are an improvement, then you won't here a complaint from me.

    Snow chains are ugly as all get out, but if they keep you from wrapping your car around a tree in the winter, then we would all be huge fans, right:?……

    • Zuke

      Yeah, except you aren't going to die or incur thousands of dollars of damage getting a BJ from a chick who doesn't have disgusting looking lips, and lots of people don't give a shit how their car looks just so long as it functions.

      On the other hand one needs to, ya know, find a partner attractive and get an erection in order to perform. Heck, if all you care about is the feeling and not how your partner looks or what they're like, why don't you just skip the trouble of even being with a woman and just invest some time into making a super efficient vacuum cleaner attachment to suck you off? Jesus, what the hell is the matter with you? Who the hell compares women to cars? Guys like you are an embarrassment to males everywhere and make us look like we live up to the media's portrayal of standardless dogs that will screw anything that moves.

  • yerp

    erection achieved

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  • Dan

    #4 Seems to have a rash on her top lip, wonder who she got that from?

  • Rockets

    Those be dick-suckin' lips. Niiiiice!

  • Zuke

    Gah, just stop screwing with your faces. It is extremely, extremely rare that a woman gets plastic surgery (I guess other than boob jobs. They work out fairly often) that it honestly makes them any more attractive than they used to be. Best case scenario it robs them of the unique features that usually are what set people apart and make each woman look good in her own way, and worst case scenario it makes them look like a god damn monster…

  • booyacka

    whadda fuck…..last

  • Brandon


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