Kissing the Ceiling by Fred Muram (8 photos)

main kissing the ceiling fred muram67 Kissing the Ceiling by Fred Muram (8 photos)

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  • Anonymous

    better then kissing the floor i suppose

  • Anonymous

    It pisses me off so much that this asshole thinks he’s talented are did something artisitc.

    • him

      and your opinion is supposed to say whats artistic and whats not???

  • Anonymous's Mom

    You don’t know art obviously

  • xclusive02

    Worst are I have ever seen.

  • mook

    This isn’t art.

  • Wills1215

    Hey you bunch of mis-spelling morons, get a life. This would be better art if the women were naked. Plus please learn syntax and it’s proper application.

    • Wills1215's mother

      Dude: speaking of syntax, you need to work on your spelling. The word is "its," not "it's." My third grader knows better than that.

  • guy

    new game


    you guys are dumb

  • cameron

    fuck fred muram, biggest asshole i have ever met, and i do mean ever

  • p1ll

    Pre Planking craze I guess

  • Lou

    @ exclusive – werst engrish i haz ever saw

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