7 Beautifully Deadly Sins by Blackeri (7 photos)

7 deadly sins 7 Beautifully Deadly Sins by Blackeri (7 photos)

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  • Anonymous

    Marta Dahlig is the best artist, ever! She gets over a million page views on any website she posts her portfolio on.

  • Gabriella Blake


  • Looney

    Meh. Judging from these examples alone, and this being my personal opinion, she’s good but not great. The reason I say this about these examples is that I can’t guess from the visuals alone what she’s trying to portray. The only ones I guessed without knowing the word were envy and lust.

    • Jj

      Are u kidding me? How can u not know what these are?

  • nelly

    i think the visual aid is fantastic….if you couldn’t tell what was what then your knowledge on the deadly sins is very poor altho sloth could have been portrayed better….

  • asdfasdf

    they are all hot but the fat bitich

    • Benc

      Bullshit she’s the hottest

  • SSJanell

    the visuals are beyond words… the detail are amazing. I especially love Sloth, she had a very intense quality about her. I really like them all but Sloth is my favorite.

  • Digitsis

    The expressions on each sins face is perfect. You could decide which sin goes with which portrait on those alone

  • latallal

    I thought these rather sucked…

  • robin yates

    lust is the best of all the deadly sins in my opinion

  • Ben

    I notice that the Marta’s signature is slightly different on the Sloth creation and radically different on the Gluttony creation. They must have inspired a different character trait in her 🙂

  • blah

    woah……so cool and beautiful!!!!!

  • shanie

    wow tjis pics realy say something

  • LostBroncoFan

    never seen them like this before

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