• cslime

    That one with the porcupine needles isn't funny. Dog could easily be blinded or die.

    • Ashley

      I agree. Not funny at all 😦

      • ShoNuff

        My sisters pitbull died from this. It ruined the whole thread for me.

    • Bruce Alexander Fellers

      Had a dog die that way. Was horrible 😦

  • Looney

    Poor overly aggressive dog. He can’t help his instincts. Sucks to be him.

  • aj

    cute but sad

  • xclusive02

    I feel sorry for that dog. All I have to say is I hope that picture is shopped.

  • Equalizer

    That Girl jogging carrying a dog is so HOT! (I was talking about the girl not the dog)

    • LOL

      Thank you

  • Renata

    the porcupine is definitly NOT funny. It´s cruel.


      Maybe if somebody did it to the dog. Otherwise it's one of those funny things that turns sad once you realize what happened.

  • Laura

    The one with the porcupine quills embedded in its face is sadly not shopped. However, I did read an article about the dog and it turned out ok. It had a lengthy surgery to remove the quills but recovered just fine.

  • David

    #7 from the top may be a fail, but it reminds me of my dog…I don’t have to find a stick, she’ll go pull down a tree limb, chew it off, then bring it back if she can’t find one on the ground.

    And the quills? Not funny, but still a fail. Thanks Laura for the clarification about the dog. We all have lives, by the way, and possibly dogs.

  • Big Bob

    Is #8 REALLY a fail? So he’s into trying new positions…good for him!

  • Ken

    The porcupine victim looks like a Bull Terrier. Not the brightest bulbs in the pack. But I don’t understand the comment that it is cruel. Cruel to whom? The dog got the quills by attacking a porcupine, probably repeatedly.

    The Fly Ball biff is a Whippet. My breed. They are incredibly fast but they have little regard for breaking.

  • josh

    i hope the dog stuck under the seat is shopped that cruel wtf

  • dave

    I feel bad for porcupine dog, but it's not cruel.

  • Snyder

    Yes, that was very cruel of the dog to deplete the porcupine of its quills, the porcupine was probably left defenseless for a period after it was cruelly attacked by the bully dog, I would have put the dog to sleep instead of helping him.

    • Bruce Alexander Fellers

      Hope you break a leg n get put down

  • Marty

    That porcupine-needle pic is horrible. That dog is in pain beyond anything any of us could fathom. It was probably put down shortly after this pic was taken. Not an appropriate addition to this post.


      Previous poster said they read it turned out ok, but if it was stupid enough to attack the porcupine then it deserved it. It's not like somebody sat there and stuck all the needles in one by one… THAT would be cruel!
      Silly hippie-dippy animal obsessed freaks =P

      • SRY

        ANIMAL OBSESSED FREAKS? Who the fuck are You, you dumb bastard. I don't care how long ago this was, I'll reply. All the articles on the internet about a dog ending up okay after getting 500 quills embedded in its face and paws are about a DIFFERENT dog. Looking at the pictures, it's quite obvious that the dogs aren't the same. And yes there was some level of animal cruelty in this at least, because what sort of decent person and dog owner would even THINK about taking a damned picture of their dog stuck with shit-ton of quills instead of worrying about the dog getting help!
        Silly dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    Get a life

  • David

    Get a heart.

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