I shall call him Syntarsus Sphincterus Arkansas (7 photos)

banderlog 2 I shall call him Syntarsus Sphincterus Arkansas (7 photos)

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  • http://www.blain.org sphixter

    im from arkansas and that is one of a kind. trust me

  • James

    Remember boys – taking steroids and lifting weights WILL gice you a laughably small penis!

  • dogboy

    no way that's Arkansas. probably russia, cause in ak that dude would be fish food.

    • carla

      Ever been to Eureka Springs in Northwest Arkansas? He would fit right in

  • agkenn

    AK is Alaska, dumbass. AR is Arkansas

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  • Anonymous

    sick steriod using bastard

  • edc

    that arkansas, not russia.

  • fosa

    In Russia this clown will be killed immediately 8)

  • shark

    It is Russia, this guy lives in Saint Petersburg and trains in my gym. He allways comes with nice girls.

    • Nick

      Russia Huh. I'm thinking Chernobyl not Saint Petersburg

  • Rangerdanger

    He may come into the gym with nice girls, but I highly doubt he ever comes with nice girls. See what I did there?

  • latallal

    Damn he’s ugly!

  • junephilippines

    yes he’s ugly!!!! super! and what about his eyebrows? looks like gay-er!

  • abilities651

    future transgender

  • Digitsis


  • xclusive02

    Oh my god. Look at those Jean SHorts



  • peaceman

    this guy is a fucken wierdo i deffently would not spend my day looking at him in a thong like fuck man no one wants to see that macroni noodle caught in a afro

  • Nate_karr

    hahahaha steroids made his package smaller.

  • One Sick Puppy

    What the F*CK?? That’s all I can say…..

  • LOL

    Holy fuck.

  • fishstick

    Looks like gay on steroids.

  • lol

    HAHAHAAAHHAH look at his nips!

  • cool-dude

    WTF is that ???? somebody please shoot him and feed him to the dogs !!

  • Brodie Jenner

    His back tattoo is pretty cool tho. bio mechanical tattoos are rad

  • dfva

    What a douche.

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