I shall call him Syntarsus Sphincterus Arkansas (7 photos)

banderlog 2 I shall call him Syntarsus Sphincterus Arkansas (7 photos)

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  • Shu Shu

    He's russian and been cought by police as illegal steroid dealer recently.
    Also, he really looks like scary gay on steroids 😀

  • sarah

    Sasha Shpak. so gross. his boobs are bigger now

  • andrea

    ooo his nipples are the best

  • Allena VanWerkhoven

    wrong on so many levels

  • hMMM

    I agree with everything said above, but how many of you would say all that shit to dude's face???

  • Da_Boz

    Nobody mentions the teeth? I wonder how he gives blowjobs with those…

  • Edmund

    He looks less like "scary gay" and more like a weirdass furry.

  • Japseye2

    I saw what you did, and it was sweet!

  • db3300

    That’s the probable reason but haven’t you heard the phrase: “Some guys are growers and some guys are showers”?

    Growers might look like this guy. Showers (sho-erz) always seem to be pretty big but they don’t get much bigger when erect. Growers are the same size as showers but not until they’re erect. It’s better to be a shower and is a result of the same DNA that makes one brother with blue eyes and another with brown – just like me and my brother.

    But, yeah, this guy is probably as big as he’s gonna get due to the ‘roids – unless he was once a chick and is working from the other direction.

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