• Kirbylink

    That last one is just shameful…poor form Chive, I didn't expect a racist photoshop, otherwise a very good selection.

    • Steven

      Why does everything suddenly have to become racist when it includes a black person, you all need to grow the fuck up, and you can clearly tell it's not photoshopped. learn how to spot it before you start accusing people of being a racist.

      • good sir

        NOt photoshopped? Are you fucking kidding me? I'm sick of everybody playing the race card too but you've got to be a fucking idiot to think this isn't offensive or photoshopped for that matter. The black dude looks pretty legit (passed out) and I don't know about the OBummer poster in the background. The bucket of chicken is clearly shopped in (look at the bad edging around it to match the ground)
        The bottle is so fucking fake! The water melons are sooo fake! LOL (it doesn't even match the lighting)
        The is a horrible job by who ever photoshopped this shit HAHA ( you might want to take some classes)

        Learn how to spot it before you start DEFENDING a fucking picture.

  • hMMMM

    I don't think it's racist. Rather, it shows the dexterity and the Asians' ability to adapt and rest anywhere. Asians…

  • Abstract » Blog Archive » people sleeping photos

    […] Who needs a bed anyway? (22 photos) : theCHIVE Nov 20, 2008 … (22 photos) · fall asleep narcolepsy 11 Who needs a bed … just take pictures of sleeping people … […]

    • Raj

      Too many “tapout tuffguyz” comtnnmieg. He obviously trained otherwise he would not have found himself in a cage in a cage-fighting even. I’m sure most of you know MMA through UFC, maybe even some Bellator or India Superfight League (lol, j/k). These are the highest skilled fighters around, with huge training camps and tons of experience, obviously an ammy fight in Kentucky isn’t going to look like UFC145. The young man probably trained for no more than a year, but he is still A TRAINED MMA FIGHTER, not a well trained one, but trained none the less. Also, props for Gramps for not gassing, that in itself is an astounding feat.

  • Ashley

    what the heck goes on at that private school? lol

  • givants

    haha dude that as hilarious as it is fucked up.

    we should turn this into a meme, just take pictures of sleeping people

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