Funniest email strand ever (7 photos)

davidthorne funny spider 1 Funniest email strand ever (7 photos)
This was a real email strand between David Thorne and a bill collector. David is a serial prankster and thinks the internet is a giant playpen.

Update: The now famous spider drawing sold for $10,000 on ebay, but the buyer is not paying up! HERE

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  • Anonymous

    lol i love this

  • Anonymous

    lol genious. this guy is the best.

  • Anonymous



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  • Abbie

    lol that is f*cking awesome

  • junephilippines

    so funny! he’s cool… hehehe… good for the department, they didn’t pissed out for such nuisance

  • Alex.O_O

    just lol 😛

  • Equalizer

    This guy is a certified retarded..

  • Adamam

    I love that man LOLOL

  • manderr


  • intel


  • HelloYou!

    He is my hero!

  • gizmo77819

    worth at least $400.21

  • cubanitagirl


  • A.J.R


  • pudds13

    Good work!

  • MEE

    Anyone else notice the messed up "M"?

  • Silverstone

    So… the lesson here is never deal with companies that hire arachnophobes?

  • The Village Idot

    I've dealt with many bill collectors over the years. None of the ever used email…that's my two cents worth and it can be applied against his debt 🙂

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