Clever anti-smoking ads from all over the world (18 photos)

cool anti smoking ads25 Clever anti smoking ads from all over the world (18 photos)

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck you

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get mad because it’s true. Take that nasty crap out of your mouth.

  • Justin

    Okay, this is pretty much just propaganda. Some of it isn’t even true.

    One of the french ads says that second hand smoke is more dangerous than first-hand, which just isn’t true.

    These are really just over the top.

  • Joseph

    Actually, second-hand smoke IS more dangerous than first-hand. When you smoke, the cigarette’s filter filters out some of the harmful chemicals in the cigarette. But the person sitting next to you gets to breathe all of that in without a filter, plus everything that YOU’RE breathing out. They get a double dose–or maybe a 1.5 dose, given that what you breathe out has been filtered by the cigarette and by your lungs to a small degree.

    So, yeah. I don’t see how you could actually believe that second-hand smoke isn’t as dangerous as first-hand.

  • ajajaja

    Ohhhh poor babyys, the smokers are mad?

  • MARK

    justin you are talking out your ass

  • Z

    Smoking is a choice. Non-smoker groups are just as retarded as the smokers themselves. I smoke like a chimney, and I know its bad for me. “Don’t Smoke” ads are just annoying. The campaigns are run by people who have nothing else to do with their lives and think that they can “help people” by forcing them to quit smoking. I smoke because I enjoy it. I doubt they’ve ever seen it that way. Pricks.

    • McLovin' It

      my friend, i too am a smoker (half a pack per day). and i gotta say the "enjoying" it bit is called addiction.

  • sertrbl

    Zon, Smoking is a choice to people who smoke.
    regardless of what you think, or how you feel, its not fair to non-smokers to have to smell your smoke. if i wanted to juggle knives in public, it would be a “choice”. but its dumb, and its dangerous to everyone around me.
    its different if i wanted to juggle knives in my own house, or where other people were juggling knives. and i wouldnt bitch and moan because of anti knife-juggling ads.
    stop being selfish, and get over the fact that youre not as great as you act.

  • jen

    justin’s an idiot.

  • emily

    Z….so since you smoke, and you know you smoke, and you ACKNOWLEDGE the fact that your throwing away money and slowing killing yourself and those around you, and you STILL dont care, i can understand why you called yourself a retard. but what I dont understand is how that makes us non-smokers retarded. is it because to us, unlike you, we know that ignorance isn’t bliss? or is it because you’re just jealous that we actually have a life to make all of these “stupid” don’t smoke campaigns to at least try and make you aware of your smokking habit, so that the next time you along with, most likly, white teeth, fresh breath wrinkle-free skin, trust me, no one is personally trying to get you to stop because people couldn’t care less about you. if you die, no one cares, but they want you to stop because your endangering others more with your second hand smoke. your also polluting our air, providing us with more waste, and giving us cancer.
    so go ahead and keep smoking, and maybe if your lucky enough you’ll die within a year, and realize you spend over $50,000 on cigarettes alone.

  • emily2

    please excuse that message, i accidently clicked submit when I was not done ranting.
    Here is the ACTUAL one:
    Z….so since you smoke, and you know you smoke, but you can’t actually ACKNOWLEDGE the fact that you’re slowly killing yourself and those around you since you’ve killed so many brain cells, I can absolutely understand why you would call yourself a retard. But for me on the other hand how does that make us non-smokers retarded? Is it because we, unlike you, know that ignorance ISN’T bliss, and we accept the fact that smoking kills not only yourself, but others, but people like you still choose to do it? Or it is because you’re just jealous that we actually HAVE a life that will most likely last 10 years past yours, and because we try to inform smokers of their smoking habits, and that weather or not they continue to smoke, they at least acknowledge it and try to make smarter choices. Such as smoking only in the comfort of their homes as to not disrupt others, and just to remind them that when they’re outside on a sidewalk by a 4 year old child, that that one puff of a cigarette they take, removes 5 1/2 minutes from that child’s life. Either way, go ahead and call yourself a retard, because at least you know THAT about yourself, but know that you speak for yourself. Also, don’t feel offended from those commercials, because no one actually cares about you. They don’t personally care what happens to you, weather it be you die from lung cancer or get hit by a car, they just care about those around you, and the fact that you’re hurting them with your second hand smoking and polluting the environment. So go ahead and continue to smoke, but know that unlike you, us non-smokers with our healthy lungs, wrinkle-free skin, white teeth, and around 50,000 dollars more than you, care about others, weather you choose to believe it or not.

    • Tyler J Smith

      cool I really wanted to rate your bigotry down again. It's called a choice you menstruating bitch. Just because you think one doesn't mean everyone else in existence should. you're not all that great.

  • Stephen

    Emily, you’re a Nazi. You and these fascist anti-smoking groups talk out of your ass and demand smokers stop because its bad for them and those around you. Well guess what, McDonalds is bad for you and Alchohol is bad for you. Did you forget about those?

    If people want to smoke, it’s their own choice. Second hand smoke is total BS, as soon as you step outside in a city you breathe in 1000’s of cars worth of smoke and one smoker standing next to you means diddly squat.

    One puff of a cigarette takes 5 1/2 minutes of a childs life? Do you honestly think thats true? If you do, you’re a total imbecile rather than the lesser moron I initially thought you were. If that were true people would lose days of their lives walking from one side of a car park to another. And no, that DOESN’T happen, retard.

    And finally, the icing on the cake, you talk about polluting the environment. Well Emily, I hope for that comment that, when you do eventually get to hell for spreading so much stupid about the internet, you get kicked in the ovaries for every time you drive a car/get on a plane/get on a bus/fart in your life because, guess what you special case: that pollutes the internet a whole lot more than a 3 inch cigarette, you spaz!

    Oh yeah, and I think you were looking for “Whether”. The word “Weather” is better used in sentences such as “I hope the awful weather results in Emily being struck by lightning”.

  • Mitch

    lol u meant “pollutes the earth” I gues bt other than that totally tru.

  • Joe K

    Thats the most ridiculous reasoning about mcdonalds and alcohol being like smoking. Obviously theyre bad but theyre bad for only the person eating it or drinking it. If someone is eating a nasty burger next to me I wont get fat. If someone is drinking next to me I wont get drunk. However if someone is smoking next to me i WILL breath it in, I WILL be effected. Thats the difference, SMOKING EFFECTS THOSE AROUND YOU!!! Smokers are the most selfish, ignorant people on the planet.

    • URMOM

      your mom smokes haha…BITCHED

  • Equalizer

    Translation please…

  • Xac

    Jesus, Stephen not only did you Godwin the discussion but you actually compared eating hamburgers to smoking? Like Joe K pointed out….eating hamburgers does not give the person next to you cancer. It is proven fact that second hand smoke can cause lung cancer. This is undisputed. The real question is now….Stephen….is how all of this relates to Nazis and the presecution and murder of millions of Jewish people during World War 2?

  • AJ

    I could care less if anyone smoked, it’s stupid but it’s not my life. BUT, it is when that shit is around me. I hate being around it, to many smokers light up right next to other people. Smoke all you want, just keep those nasty smelling cancer sticks away from me when you light one up. By the way, it’s so nice of health care to spend millions of dollars to treat people with smoke related illnesses. I wonder who’s really paying for that? Hmmm. Don’t stop though, that tar tastes to good right! Yellow teeth, nasty breath, lung disease, SIGN ME UP!!! (by now maybe you’ve noticed the sarcasm) Enjoy your short lives at other peoples expenses, thank you very much.

  • ava

    The joke is…everyone is slowly dying…doesn’t matter if you smoke or not…drink or not, take care of yourself or not…your gonna die and plenty of people that take care of themselves die in unpleasant ways…and plenty of people that don’t take care of themselves die in a quick painless way…whatever your karma/fate is…thats what will happen…

    Why hate people that smoke…the government isn’t serious about stopping it…they make too much money out of it…its all just bullshit…its just another way to divide and control the stupid people…so keep deluding yourself…

  • Kirby

    haha I’m with Ava

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  • jrod

    Just smoke the greeeennnnnnits better for you 🙂 then maybe everyone will quit crying on here

  • smokeyjack

    #6 is pretty scary. Some mothers still aren't getting the message about smoking during pregnancy.

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