• robin yates

    amazing what happens when a load moves in transit

    • ITH

      That's what she said!

    • MrRushing

      greetings from the future!!!

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  • Eamer

    Oh my god…Thats horrible how they transport animals….

    • Sitting guy

      oh my god i know…youre a dope

  • Equalizer

    My Favorite is those Gators, I dare you to get it back to the truck. hehehe….

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  • BangBoomCrash

    awful…just awful…all that beer….just all over road….i'm just shocked!

    • Hah

      A friend of mine drove a beer truck and told me his story. He left the roll down doors up on one side of his truck. Without noticing, he pulled out of the parking lot of the Food Lion in Murrells Inlet. When he turned onto the highway, half a truck of canned beer onto the road. Fortunately, a bus load of maids returning to Kingstree stopped to assist. The driver said the road was clear in minutes.

  • David Burkinshaw

    Manure… I Hate Manure

  • HelloYou!

    The pig one is gross! Look at the dead bleeding pigs…

  • jim yan

    chive is awesome 4 more hot sexy chives go to


      It's a trap!

  • Munk85

    someone got fired

  • cubanitagirl

    the first one is just horrible all together .

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  • Spacehog

    If the Japanese want whales, give them whales like this every time.

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