• Cosmin

    They are ugly before AND after which is a hard thing to accomplish 😉

  • Peter

    so true

  • Damian

    I think the above are so true, very ugly people, the last couple are definatly a photoshop, which isn’t at all done very well, but the others are more feasable to be real before and afters, nonetheless very interesting.

  • anon

    uh isnt the third from the top adriana lima of victoria’s secret fame?
    i bet y’all fapped to the last chick in 2 fast 2 furious, too.

    “theyr’e so ugly” – buncha LIARS!

  • Angelique

    The last one looks like an alien, with and without make up… The rest look like cadavers or dudes. Well, the 3rd girl is not that bad, and the black girl looks like a black girl.

  • Kimberly

    They are all very well-known models. The last one is Devon Aoki, if you want some real comparisons of before/after.

  • hope

    i think the third one is pretty before the make-up

  • IKRuga

    when i rollover the pics, the 2nd ones wont come out…..

  • De*

    I roll over the pics, but nothing happens.

  • CM

    2 Eva Herzigova
    3 Adriana Lima
    4 Naomi Campbell
    7 Devon Aoki

  • random

    Adriana and Naomi look nice natural/with little makeup. The rest of the models not so much, i guess since they both models of colours adriana being brazilian and mixed with indigenous native american/black african and naomi having a west indian mother who looks great in her 50s. Helps make a difference

  • anonymous girl

    The roll over doesn’t work. :\

  • Sbah

    whats roll over !!! the pic is not changing ! :<

  • Ori

    Roll over doesnt work.

  • Rez

    Nothing happened when I rolled over the pics, so this is basically a useless post now. You might as well pull it.

  • Anonymous

    im doin a scient6s

  • Anonymous Too

    Total crap. I tried in Firefox and Safari and no rollover. Get it together, people.

  • schy

    no rollover in safari/

  • Hey Zeus

    No rollover but the 3rd and 4th models are ridiculously hot even without makeup.

  • LostBroncoFan


  • c

    same here

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