The World's Deepest Pool in Uccle, Belgium: Nemo 33 (11 photos)

pool 19 The World's Deepest Pool in Uccle, Belgium: Nemo 33 (11 photos)

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  • Inulin


  • omnomnomnom

    because they can

  • kentuckycactus

    cool. they should put more stuff down there though, like an underwater stereo or something.

  • Mr. Waffle

    Are they sure someone didn’t just find a city and then kill anything inside it and flood it including the pit of death without spikes and attached ladder?

  • MigraineBoy

    It’s an indoor training facility for divers. That way they can practice diving at greater depths in a controlled enviroment.

  • Anon

    water is wet.

  • cookieclown2000

    that is the deepest pool, I’ve ever seen
    you could release a shark there or a whale

  • Dan

    That is an epic dive pool. Wish my club had something like that to train in!

  • Fesusjuck

    Waw, I live in that town. The town is spelled "Ukkel" in Belgian :D.

  • Allena VanWerkhoven
  • Michelle

    AH! As a kid I always dreamed of having a pool with secret tunnels and big underwater hide-outs for all my secret computers and spy gear that I would totally have once I was a grown up and filthy rich.

  • @MisterSexiMexi

    This is freaking awesome! I would love a pool like this.

  • Dieselboy

    you sir, are an idiot

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