Celebrities as kids, a side-by-side comparison (17 photos)

celebs celebrity kid child pics6 Celebrities as kids, a side by side comparison (17 photos)

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  • Carlos MV

    nice stuff

    • miss0chris0

      Hey Carlos maybe you can help – I’m trying to figure out how to change my silly avatar to an actual picture

  • buni hopkins

    The pic of John Travolta as a baby almost made me laugh so hard i almost peed myself.

  • amie

    Why is brooke shields (child) wearing lingerie?!

    • Fish

      That's a still from Pretty Baby. Look it up on

  • RaraAvis

    Gee, even Madonna’s eyes have changed color.

  • onesource

    Nice lingerie and great photo

  • Bria

    holy crap look at john travolta as a baby…he would be cute if his eyes werent so humungous lol

  • sib

    john travolta = funniest baby picture ever.

    did natalie portman get a nose job? Certainly looks like it.

    • Jen

      it looks like about 50% of them had nose jobs.

  • Wtf?

    HOLY SHIT ! John Travolta’s baby picture was cute , but his older picture CREEPS ME OUT . SERIOUSLY , HE’S FUCKING SCARY .

  • http://chooo.wordpress.com/2009/06/27/1943/ Anonymous

    […] Junho 27, 2009 eu adoro listas, vocês sabem, ainda mais quando mostram curiosidades, como as celebridades quando crianças. clica aqui! […]

  • Daisy

    So many of them have gotten nose jobs!

  • Sarah

    Holy crap! Kate Moss and Natalie Portman got nose jobs!

  • brendan

    Whos the person under David Beckham?

  • Rina

    Lyndsay Lohan was better looking when she was younger.
    Also, my reaction to John Travolta’s baby photo almost gave me lockjaw… WTF???
    Demon child.

  • Equalizer

    Emma Watson (from harry potter) turn’s out a very hot girl….. Grrrrrrr……

  • cassie

    I thought Scarlet Johansson was a naturally beautiful girl. Wow!

  • padme

    Natalie Portman & Hayden Panettiererretretteiete both had nose jobs for sure.

  • C

    God Demi Moore’s kid is fuuuugly…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Modanna is sexy

  • aldeshsa

    The movie “Pretty Baby” 1978.

  • adedoyin

    brooke was in lingerie cuz she was in showbiz. in fact, since she was 11 months old. she was posing 4 a picture kind of thing i guess.

  • Richmo Sin

    She was playing a child prostitute in the movie Pretty Baby.

  • boo

    its demi moore and bruce willis’ daughter rumer willis

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