• DjMatt

    not to be a nerd or anything but these pics are an amalgam of pics from WWI and WW2
    some of the machinery is to old by the time WW2 came about, and the only nations to use beasts of burden in battle were quickly wiped out in the early stages of the war.

    • jimjijm

      The germans used horse drawn for quite a bit of world war 2……

  • Bobert

    #4. Original photobomber

  • Dan

    Quite the contrary, although German propaganda films show massive mechanized divisions, they relied on horses & wagons right through the war. They even had farriers as part of regiments.

  • Cocktopuss

    And large numbers of Russian units were aremed with the dregs of weapons left over from WWI when the Nazis first invaded during WW2.

  • 11th Airborne

    want a proper usage of “epic” to describe something?
    “World war two was epic!” (your party wasn’t…neither was your weekend.)

  • banfield

    Most nation did not expect WW2. Many countries had still guns from WWI, specialy in Russia. Horses and animals were still used alot to transport..

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