Hot Right Now: Girl compares 11 dressing room mirrors to show how different they make her look (12 HQ Photos)

Saddest Male Models In The World (7 Photos)

male model backup Saddest Male Models In The World (7 Photos)

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  • Katiie

    …And is anyone surprised?

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  • Juneen

    No wonder! Look at what they have to wear!!!!

  • robby

    they’re sad because they know there’s more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking – yet they can’t do anything about it.

  • Regina

    the saddest clothes in the world

  • cookiemonster

    no wonder they’re sad

  • LegionDairy

    holy crap, no HellHathNoFury comments yet?

  • Giovanni

    Look at the shit they have to dress of course they are sad LOL

  • Mart

    Those pretty dresses would make me sad too.

  • Kevrobmc

    I don't get fashion, apparently these male models don't either ROFL!

  • Audrey

    Nice selection!! I was eliecpasly stoked on some of the wider photos the first one ( of course) and the weeping willow.. you rock it out Sarah Rissuci, you rock it out.

  • Deen

    You would also if you had to wear those clothes !

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