Amazing art by Louxxx of ArtAndGhosts (93 photos)

a unkown artist drawings Amazing art by Louxxx of ArtAndGhosts (93 photos)
This photo in this post has been removed because some assholes were stealing the images and selling prints without the artist’s permission. Click HERE to view Art and Ghosts amazing works.

  • cyelea

    You can find more of her stuff at

  • Raymond

    The artist goes by Louxxx, of Love his/her work.

  • louise (artandghosts)

    thanks for editing them, i appreciate that very much:)

  • chloe

    it won’t show all the pics on mine

  • giveittomeplease

    Can we get this reposted?!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would really like to see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


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