• drew

    Airbrush city!

  • BoomBankQuack

    Ahhhhh yes now i remember why we have pedophiles…

  • drew

    i’m mr obvious

  • jb

    im no photoshop bro but even i can see the edits

  • Tricky


  • Erich

    wow, the photoshop work on these photos are horrifying. let alone the fact that these girls are tarted up to oblivion.

  • marjorie

    these images are heavily retouched, you can send them in to touch of glamour for instance and get them retouched like this for 35 bucks.
    parents pay for this. what the frak is wrong with this country?

  • SLAM2D

    OMG thats discusting…
    Real natural children are smarter than this dolls…

  • jim

    We are the zombie robots we will destroy you!!! creeeeeepy…..

  • Designer

    very pretty pics… but surely the photographs have been worked on a lot in photoshop.

  • jellygraph

    vomit barf

  • ape

    Too much of touch-up with photoshop. Makes them look fake.

  • Krister

    They have so obviously been airbrushed. In particular their eyes and eyelashes.

  • freelancer

    Just too much Photoshop being used with too little skill.
    You could obsrve this all over the mediocre magazines.

  • eerdveerk

    yet I bet every one of these kids’ parents was acting out of a genuine feeling of great love for their child when ordering these.

  • Anonymous

    AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! What have they done to these kids? They look like “Kelly” dolls.

  • Gridlock

    Fair warning, if the pageant freaks find out you’re “stealing” the photos of their “precious Darling Daughters” they will be on you so fast with internets lawyers your heads will spin. They’ll find out where you live (no joke), find out all your online presences and where you work, and even follow you in real life. It’s batshit insane.

    A board I frequent mocked the hell out of them, and they went absolutely fucking apeshit. It slid from hilarity into serious stalkerism.

    Now that the public service message is out of the way, HAHAHAHAHAHA nice prostitots!

  • Anonymous

    They look freakish, not even like real people. Who would want their kid to look like this. Somebody should slap these parents. Wake up! What the hell is wrong with you? You actually think your kid looks good like this? The parents should be slapped but the people who run these pageants should be executed.

  • Christina

    Do they airbrush that “dead behind the eyes” look or is that all natural?

  • Jasmin

    I know one of the girls in these pictures! And some of these are Toni Overby’s! Certainly she did not give you permission to use her pictures. My sister does pageants, and I’d be a mess if I saw her pictures up here. These pictures are only used in the pageants. These girls run around, jump, play, do regular things. I did pageants for a while.
    Have any of you ever been to a pageant? The girls bring dolls, they dress up in jeans and t-shirts, and they mess themselves up. Just like regular little girls. They are only made-up for a few hours, and then it’s back to normal.
    Please, don’t bash pageants if you’ve NEVER been to one. It makes you seem like a real idiot.
    Also, these aren’t even YOUR OWN children. What do you care for if their moms are entering them in pageants? What are you going to do about it?

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  • edu

    Que alguien me diga son muñecas o niñas reales????

  • ema-core


  • maria

    jasmin shut up. They are kids yeah your prob right their like normal kids running around all day and they get made up for a few hours but still it shouldnt even be like that! I mean come on putting makeup on a child and making them look like an adult and then displaying them like that its just wrong. I have seen beauty pageants and most of the children are only doing it because their parents want it do you seriously think a child would do that out of free will?? yeah I thought so, so why dont you just save your breath.

    And why the hell are these people trying to make them look like 30 year olds seriously next they will be having them parading around in little skimpy clothes and lingerie seriously!! And they look like little fucking ugly freaks normal children are much cuter and better looking than these barbie dolls.

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