• Me myself and I

    Wow, jealous much. Sounds to me like some seriously jealous people with too much time on their hands to be worrying about what others do with their children rather than worrying about themselves.

  • Romeo mayland

    only thing i can say
    jonbenet ramsey

  • ADeeperBeauty

    The sad thing about this so-called hobby is that it teaches children all the wrong life lessons as well as bankrupts those least able to afford it. These kids are also fair game for pedophiles. If you read the pageant mom boards you will find that a pedophile was outed as a pageant insider and he’s caused untold harm. There is nothing natural about this hobby and no genuine benefit is derived for the children. It should be outlawed. I’m just waiting for the next pageant child tragedy for Nancy Grace and others to turn media attention to this disgusting matter.

  • Isengard

    That’s true. A friend of mine enters her child into pageants, and though the parents have the option of not having to do these photoshopped pictures and such, other parents do if it means their child will win so and so amount of money.

    It’s like any other hobby but once it becomes more for the parent and less for the child, and plays them up to act more adult than necessary then it becomes unhealthy.

    That being said, these pictures are hilariously ridiculous, whoever created these standards of judging for these pictures is kinda screwed in the brain.

  • Wayne

    look like computer generated graphics. Are these girls not naturally pretty without making them look like freaks?

  • LJ

    Only in America.

  • Stein Ove

    It looks like theres been put adult eyes on most of them, right?

  • Dee

    Ugly girls, all of them. I don’t see the ‘beauty’ in any of these pictures. Jelousy? Please. Thank god I never looked like that as a little girl, photoshopped or not, I would have shot my mother for that crap.

  • Jizzmo

    Ewwwwwwww. Horrific photoshop work. Retouched to the max with no skill.

  • I luv dogs

    This is cruel I call it chil abuse.

  • jenna

    this style of photo edit is called “babydoll” it is used in glitz pageants, it’s a separate photogenic category. they also have natural photogenic. don’t get your panties in a bunch, this is not meant to be a “real” photo. and really, none of those kids look “tarted up” they look mostly artificial, like a a porcelain doll. get over it already

  • jesse

    does anyone know where these photos were sourced? i teach photoshop skills to college students and i keep trying to find an old link of tons more of these images BUT CAN’T. there are more, creepier ones out there!! BTW, my point in showing these to my students is to show what not to do!!

  • samee

    these little girls look amazing!!!!

  • samee

    i am in pageants and i don’t believe that anyone that has never been in a pageant before can say anything abot these pictures. i have pictures that look like these and i think that they look absolutely amazing. people who don’t like them are just plain jealous.

  • sarah

    now we see why little girls hate them selves, why they dont eat, and why suicide has become a leading cause of death in teens and children. The sexualization of little girls is ruining everything that a childhood should be.

  • michaela

    people criticise pageants, but unless uve done them, u cant undertsand what theyre like. i am one of these pageant kids, and i love them more than anything.

  • lol

    these pics are clearly photoshopped

  • Connie

    This is wrong on so many levels.
    Little girls (including many not even old enough for 1st grade) being overtly sexualized many, many years before they should have to even think about such things. Call it “glamour” if you like – it’s still sexualization. They’ve got the rest of their lives to worry about winning approval with perfect figures, glittery makeup, hip gyrations, and “smoldering” expressions. Give them their time of innocence, for heaven’s sake!
    These girls get the message early that appearances are everything. How many will go on to develop eating disorders and other emotional problems? How many will go on to become plastic surgery junkies as adults because they’ve been instilled from early childhood with such a warped perception of what beauty is?
    I have little doubt that the vast majority of these children are quite attractive and would be more so if they were sent onstage with clean faces and in age-appropriate attire.

  • D

    NO, these are not the worst, there are many mor out there that are even more disgusting, they have very high hair, curls and lips like china dolls, even worst.

  • Dee

    They actually make the noses smaller on these photos. The photos look nothing like the real kids. Go search and find the real bad ones! They are out there, real sexual, and the faces distorted to look better

  • Bigbrother

    Listen not to be mean. I understand that some people don’t like girls in beauty pageants. thats your choice. and yes some mothers force there kids to do this, but whats the difference in forcing one to do this or wearing a dress to church or not allowing your daughters to wear anything but dresses. I mean lots of people have different outlooks. Kids forced to goto church, school, play sports, and various other things daily. To top it off when you sit there judging these kids and there families what about yours. Do you have a drunk a pot head a all around druggy. And parents who force kids to work out or how about kids who dress in all black and many other things that could be mentioned. I think before you sit there judging these people you should get over your self get off your fat A…. and live your own life and look at what you force your kids to do or your parents force or forced you to do. Rather than judge others why don’t you just judge yourself and let others live there lives the way they want to. This from the brother of girl who was in beauty pagents and she never was in 1st place yet she has total confidence and my mother didn’t make her do it she chose and pushed my mother to let her. My cousin who is 5 now was in pageants and wants to do it some more but her mother can’t afford it anymore. and I am looking into putting my daughter into them as well.

  • meme

    these kids are cute and they might wear a little too much makeup but they have good pics. and i want to go to the next level and be in a pageant too. im not even a girly girl im a tomboy but i want to meet more people and get my confident level up

  • missy

    Whats the big deal. child preditors are on the playground waiting for the parent to turn their head, or teaching at a public school. they are not at a beauty pageant. they like girls who have no parental involvement.

  • S

    My daughter’s picture is third from the last. TAKE IT DOWN! You do not have permission to have her picture or any of these other children’s pictures here. I know many of these girls’ moms. Once again, take her picture down or face legal action. Thank you.

  • local pageant mom

    Can we say judgemental?? You come on here, bashing these beautiful girls and calling them ugly? What a horrible thing to do. reguardless of how you feel about ths issue, you have no right to place judgement on any of these girls. Maybe you need to look a little harder in the mirror and find out what it is you don’t like so much about yourself, that you feel the need to critisize something you know nothing of. You are adults, behaving like children, and picking on innocent kids. What or why they do ANYTHING(pagenats, sports, cheerleading) doesn’t effect you. You chose to look at this website, but when it’s all said and done, it’s none of your business. My daughter does pageants, she doesn’t do glitz pics, but that’s our decision. But it is not my place to put judgement on anyone that does. You wouldn’t call out a child that was ugly becaue that would be cruel, but you think you have the right to call these children ugly? And the only reason pedophiles get a hold of pics are dumb people like you copying pictures on multiple websites without consent. Congrats, you contributed to the problem. Get a life. You certainly have better things(or at least I hope )to do than pick on children. why don’t you set an exaple of maturity instead.

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