Hot Right Now: Remember Eminem’s daughter Hailie? Well, she’s 21 now (13 Photos)

NFL Cheerleaders – 25 Days of Christmas Cheer (25 photos)

december 1 lead NFL Cheerleaders   25 Days of Christmas Cheer (25 photos)

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  • AWRW

    what no colts love??

  • gOOOOOU!

    think this post could have done without the shopped santa hats… especially the 2nd to last pic

  • james

    GO 21st! 🙂 I’m new to the site, and am starting to think the CHIVE is located in Seattle. You nailed the 18th! BOO Stealers!

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  • LostBroncoFan

    Dec 9 is great

    • Raiderfan

      She says you suck

      • LostBroncoFan

        Your a raider fan so who gives a shit what you think

  • freezer boy

    december 17th is the winner

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