A baby panda's first 3 months (17 photos)

a 3 month baby panda grow 7 A baby panda's first 3 months (17 photos)
It also estimated that around 1,590 pandas are currently living in the wild. However, a 2006 study, via DNA analysis, estimated that there might be as many as 2,000 to 3,000 pandas in the wild.

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  • dolphlynn

    aw cute!

  • Anonymous

    i want one of those

  • kirby

    thats awsome

  • wickedjack

    i just had some hardcore deja vu, like iv seen this post be4 or something. that’s pretty cute, though

  • Olivia


  • Lolita

    im dyin this is soo cute!

  • tom

    its all fun and games until it eats your face.

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