Laptops (15 photos)

a funny laptop portable pics 16 Laptops (15 photos)

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  • asd

    There are no laptops in #7 and #13

  • jkh

    The last one is girl talk. he’s supposed to have a laptop at a party.

  • Leo Resig

    asd: you are blind.
    jkh: i never said he wasn’t.

  • robin yates

    until recently I thought laptops were a kind of dancer

  • sanjay kumar

    i want to subscribe 4 funny pictures

  • sanjay kumar

    pictures are very funny

  • Anonymous

    step away from the laptop!

  • Mat

    I agree, I don’t see any laptops in 7 and 13

    my eyes are fine… you’re eyes… not so much

  • Ufail

    I see them, your eyes fail if you dont.

  • aaron

    well if you understood the joke happening maybe you all would realize that its saracstic, there are females, hot ones in 7 and 13. I see no laptops in 1, either just some stupid shit that is covering tits.

  • yan

    i wish that i was the laptop on the first picture

  • Anon

    These aren’t very funny at all. They’re slightly but mostly shit images.


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  • qwertyui

    The last one is Girltalk…he’s performing.

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  • hannah

    there shouldnt be any laptops in the 1st and 7th picture.. haha.

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  • WABA

    YEA GIRL TALK!!!!!!!! Let the Mashups OWN!!!

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    I want to subscribe to these funney pictures

  • Anon E Muss

    I choose to believe that the guy in #7 is’s Daniel O’Brien.

  • Anonymous


  • Ufail

    U fail to recognize that yes there are laptops in pictures 7 and 13.

  • Equalizer

    The only thing that I don’t want to see any laptop is in the 1st picture…

  • s3xt0y

    I agree, macs suck anyways haha

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