One great reason not to have a best friend named Darcy

lizzy frisinger 11 One great reason not to have a best friend named Darcy

UPDATE: Somebody sent The Chive a photo of Elizabeth here.

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  • Anonymous

    OMG, what a shock, I’m a stupid whore like the rest of my peers!

  • Aleks


  • newfam

    When your’e done being grounded, give me a call!

  • Lizzy's Dad

    She’s becoming a whore. Just like her mom.

  • Mr. Fix-It

    And yet the stereotype is that men are the ones who brag to their friends about getting laid.

  • Adam

    First off, this girl could have easily talked herself out of this one if she wsan’t an idiot. There were many strats she could have employed depending on the disposition of her father.

    Second, why the hell would she want her best friend there while she looses her virginity? That’s pretty freaky, especially for a first timer.

    • TFM

      you moron she wanted her friend to be on the trip with her, not there watching it happen… and when your drunk calling the wrong ppl happens a lot, she just happened to get the worst out of the deal

  • TheLastFreeMan

    Why the hell would “Dad” leak this text?

  • lindsay

    sadly, it’s not fake. I know the girl 😦

  • B

    She already has his credit card #? Explains a lot.

  • Justin

    she has big man feet! put on some socks!

    • chewie

      That's funny shit!

  • Anonymous

    LMAO that suckkssss

  • quimbydog

    OMG this happened to me… I hadn’t talked to my parents for a few years (long story) and one night called my friend DAN (before texting) and got my DAD’s voice mail on the cell phone. I hung up when i realized the mistake, but they called me back telling me that they KNEW I was sorry and trying to get ahold of them.

    Needless to say, we aren’t talking again and I have now deleted DAD so it doesn’t happen again.

  • Anonymous

    aww that sucks. she’s probly play it off as first kiss or something.

  • anon

    +1 Zing! for father

  • Punjabi Boi

    lmfao @ Lizzy’sDad’s comment!! lolz

  • Shak

    That’s why I have my dad set to “Father” or “Home” haha

  • kyle

    happened to me, when I accidentally texted my grandmother complimenting her on the quality of the pot she sold me


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  • Krut

    This is why parents shouldn’t have a text messaging feature on their phones. “Dad” spent 10 minutes composing each of those messages, probably in front of me driving in his car, it took “Lizzy” 5 seconds to write her entire message.

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  • Stephan

    Ooooh so the woman has sex like a normal human being. The horror! Grow up people.

  • JerryDD

    In response to lastfreeman, Liz herself would have leaked it. On the iPhone the name at the top is who you are talking to. Funny situation, but probably fake. The screenshot ability on the iPhone is a great media for conversation hoaxes. If real.. very funny 🙂

  • http://Greece Korales

    That shit don’t happen in europe, first time is long before 18

  • Anonymous

    i doubt it very much.
    Hang on im getting a call from Elvis.

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