One great reason not to have a best friend named Darcy

lizzy frisinger 11 One great reason not to have a best friend named Darcy

UPDATE: Somebody sent The Chive a photo of Elizabeth here.

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  • Anonymous

    Stephen – “Ooooh so the woman has sex like a normal human being. The horror! Grow up people.”

    Well in response to that, imagine your daughter texting you about it while on a trip, and with a guy YOU never met. Oh hey Steve! Heard your daughter got Herpes, who’d she get it from? Some guy you never met? Tough shit. Have fun with your whore of a daughter. >.>

  • Anonymous

    1st born children should not be left on the beach. Despicable.

  • s. garfath

    I hope the christ she is sterilized, just so she cannot breed!. Bloody idiot!. She’s as thick as standard-mix cement.

  • Fakers

    Seriously does anyone thinks this is real?
    I hope not but Im sure there are people that do. There probably the same people who reply to the Viagra spam emails and probably the same people who voted for Bush to have a 2nd term.

  • armand

    ahhh, great fictional story

  • Justin

    who cares? dumb sorry… is this the best you can do? jesus christ, save the bandwidth

  • Avry

    Aww, too bad. You got caught because you have to let everyone know every minuscule detail of your life. Boo hoo, idiot. Oh, and that’s gonna be even more sad when you realize you lost your virginity to some random fuckwad on a beach somewhere… Ahh regrets, they build character.

  • reborn

    Her feet aren’t bad at all. Socks are for consumerist drones!

  • anon707

    LMFAO! WOW! that’s one reason why I hate iPhones

  • Hanna

    Oh wow. If this is real, it sucks… But if you look at the top picture, if thats her than i can see why this got posted. Don’t let your friends take your phone when you’re drunk. Or better yet, don’t tell people really personal stuff over texting. And definitely don’t do anything you could possibly regret… Like letting your friends take your phone when you are drunk.

    Ta Da! Problem solved.

  • Hanna

    oh and lmao to the guy who texted his g-ma on accident about pot…

    I can just imagine what would happen to me if i did that… Haha.

  • Synderella

    Wow. This is so fake… It’s fascinating how many people will think this is true. Hm. And to the person who is like “I know her” you’re an idiot.

    Although I did find amusement in the comment from “Lizzy’s Dad” (:

    Maybe this girl just wants to seem like a slut.

    Although waiting until 18 is quite a wait. A lot of girls lose theirs anywhere from 14 – 17 possibly even younger.

  • Anonymous



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  • PunkyGurl

    LMFAO! Fake as hell, but still funny shit.

  • Anonymous

    She has an iphone, daddy’s cc, and cannot spell.

    Who the hell would fuck this?

  • Avry is stupid

    @Avry… right because losinig your virginity is a “miniscule” part of life…

  • Эммануил

    Без преувеличения можно точно сказать, что пост тему раскрыл на все 100 процентов. 🙂

  • Miguel

    If true, she just as easily could have been talking about actually stepping foot on a beach for the first time. Most people have the mindset to turn most things into something sexual.



  • Equalizer


  • Xac

    In this thread, lots of judgemental Chivers that got fooled. 🙂

  • Muebles

    it's not fake.?

  • rural con encanto

    New technologies are dangerous

  • Muebles

    Oh my good !!! : @

  • Sarchi

    Oh My good this is very bad hahahaha

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