Bubble Gum Alley in Seattle (22 photos)

a wall gum bubble gum alley seattle 12 Bubble Gum Alley in Seattle (22 photos)

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  • Lia

    this is not in seattle its in San Luis Obispo, CA. come on guys!

    • jackmurph1127

      you are an idiot

  • heidi

    Ok good, I’m from Seattle and had never heard of it. I felt like a failure there for a moment for not knowing. Thank you Lia for clearing that up!

    • thom

      Me too.

  • marissa

    There is one in Seattle too.

  • David

    Oh gross. I would love to suit up in bio hazard gear and head over there with a high pressure spray washer.

  • Regina

    It’s in CA!..good job guys…..

  • Hannah

    That’s so awesome yet extremely revolting at the same time.

  • Eduardo

    Alguém escreveu “VACA” com o chiclete, LOL!

  • Luckyghost117

    i've been to this one in seattle quite a few times its in pikes place market, some people have started attaching school ID cards to the wall lol how ridiculous. it grosses me out but lots of friends of mine used to wanna go see it

  • Luckyghost117

    second look most of these pictures aren't from the seattle one. the alley is closed off and the flooring is different in the seattle one. theres only one picture in this bunch that looks like its from seattle.

  • hMMMM

    West Coast…

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