Marilyn Monroe before and after makeup (6 photos)

a marilyn monroe before after makeup 5 Marilyn Monroe before and after makeup (6 photos)

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  • Abby

    She’s still absolutely gorgeous without makeup.

  • Adriana

    Ela era linda de qualquer jeito!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas

    I always thought she needed make-up to be beautiful. Not at all. She is just as gorgeous without it! Truly gorgeous

  • arctaberry

    still beautiful…with or without. when asked, in an interview, what she wore to bed, Marilyn answered, “Chanel No. 5”.

  • Eddie

    The point was missed.You wouldn't know it was her if they didn't tell you.I've seen some gals and wondered what some makeup would do for them.But who other than Hollywood and hookers wears that much anyway.In some shots her mole is photo shopped.

    • hello

      you are a douche. Also photoshop wasn't around when she was alive, anything would have been airbrushed at that time.

  • Anonymous

    still looks good

  • Marzy P

    She is still beautiful

  • Giovanni

    These pisc show us that today most of the famous girls without make up are terrible but severals years ago not at all
    She look gorgeous with or without make up
    Marylin rules!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    They never did and never won't come any more gorgeous than her!!

  • Steve

    She was soooo sexy with or without face paint !

  • Anonymous

    Very gorgeous – her features were very pretty without anyway. She seems to have a bit of a red nose and these photos seem to depict a Marilyn with freckles!!

  • Anonymous

    2nd photo Derp

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  • sarah

    Unbelievably stunning with and without make up.they'l never be anyone who could shine like marilyn did and still does.xx

  • LostBroncoFan

    thank god for make up

  • Stephanie

    Without makeup (not to mention surgeries), she was cute. With makeup, gorgeous. I've seen girls that look like her without makeup. She said herself that when she went out in public without makeup, no one looked at her twice. I had difficulty believing that until now. Thanks for the pics!

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  • Yup, son.

    You kiddin’, mate? You can clearly tell it’s her. Perhaps you’d have to double take at first, but you can certainly tell. She actually never wore all that much. The whole look is based around flawless skin, which she had naturally and required little base, with a simple line above the lashes and a strong red lip. In comparison to the thick layer of slap most girls seem to wear today, that’s nothing.

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