• Alex


  • Anonymous

    wat leuk maar niet huis

  • robin yates

    pic 2 of the Cebu , Philippines, jail, doing another and final dance tribute to Michael Jackson,,,,,,,,,,the other pics equally enjoyable

  • robin yates

    love to know the story behind the pic of the naked guy facing off a collection of police vehicles

  • Brandon

    “Here, try eating some fruit, you fat fuck. Oh wait, there is a cheesecake underneath… Nevermind.”

  • Alex

    The first reminds me of a smoker from the Left 4 Dead series if anyone plays that game.

  • blah

    Thats my gay brother Dmitri Ivanov flashin off his privates to the russian police lolololol

  • banfield

    Shoor. It says “Polis” as Swedish police and on the sign to the right it says Centralen, another Swedish word.

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