They look photoshopped but they're not (22 Photos)

light house lead2 They look photoshopped but they're not (22 Photos)

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  • ib

    dont know why any of these look photoshopped

  • junephilippines

    how did you know that some of them are not photoshopped? are you there when they shot it? tsk tsk… the light tower looks like photoshopped to me.

  • robin yates

    photoshopped or what ? who cares, they are still great pics

  • Rob

    i know a couple of the artists that did these photos i hope they have been given credit somehow. although slapping a “chive” logo on someone else’s art doesn’t really seem like giving credit.

  • cookiemonster

    lovely photos

  • Josian

    The truth is, much of this photography does xtecaly what it is meant to do. Agents tend to forget that the most important hat they wear is that of marketing professional, they would do well to learn a bit from 5th avenue pros about the psychology of marketing. Much of these photos can bring in two to three times more the amount of internet and foot traffic otherwise expected. We can make fun of Burger King and McDonald’s as well for their advertising photos showing burgers that are perfect in shape, size, and form but they know it works.And by the way, this stuff isn’t new, it was made popular by Ansel Adams and his zone system of black and white processing, it’s just new to many because of the computer.Of course, like all things, it can be easily taken to extreme.

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