Yearly mass whale hunt/massacre Faroe Islands WARNING GRAPHIC! (8 photos)

a grindadrap mass bloody whale hunt faroe islands 7 Yearly mass whale hunt/massacre Faroe Islands WARNING GRAPHIC! (8 photos)


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  • J. Rangel

    Some humans suck.

    • Snabbi

      Nice pic, I am the one with the hook on pic no. 8… greetings from the Faroese

  • John Resig

    so disturbing

  • lassegs

    looks profitable. You’ve never seen hunting before?

  • deadlymiho

    How could this happen yearly? Breaks my heart and my faith in humanity. We are definitely the irrational ones…

    • Tyler J Smith

      Like Bears and salmon .

  • Anonymous

    Deberian meterlos a la carcel

  • blance

    The sickening thing is they’re swimming in a sea of blood. Look at the determination on their faces…

  • Tom Camfield

    Whales are a pretty intelligent mammal which makes this so inhuman. Also, there is concern in most quarters over their diminishing numbers. Are these people killing for food? And why the ghoulish audience?

  • PETA-fan

    If whales are so intelligent, why dont they then avoid being killed? They just have to stay submerged long enough to escape, but because they are so stupid, they don't even manage to do that. Stupid individuals tend to get killed. It's just the way nature goes around.

    Btw it looks tasty 😛

    • Kyle

      In most open ocean whaling they chase the whales till they get very very tried and they cant stay under water that long. Have someone chase you for a few hours then try to hold your breath in a pool. Whales have to breath too and most of these cant stay under water more than a few minutes even when they are not tired.

    • ihateyou

      So…you will be murdered son is what you are saying.

  • Megan

    I love how there are children running through the crowd, how could you let a child see the slaughter of these beautiful animals? They are going to grow up to be mindless killers just like their parents. If they are actually eating these animals, I can maybe see how killing them would be fine, but not in this massive of amount. And to the comment above me, whales rely on instinct and they don’t have any instinct of having to avoid human beings with machetes. They may be trying to escape, but from what it looks like the whales were herded into the cove by ship, and are probably scared of the ships, and have no other place to go.

  • bob dylan

    have you never seen blood in your life? the whales are killed in 3 seconds and the blood runs into the water. Thats why its bloody. get a good argument for cruelty there.

  • Sawdust

    The wales go there for a reason,.. do you go to work every day using a different route?? Argument that wales are stupid FAIL!,..
    The wales dont die in 3 seconds,..lets see how long u survive if I try N kill you with a screw driver.
    Stupid people have stupid arguments to say ,..this is ok.
    If I was a stupid as you id say, should be killed for being stupid 😀

  • Bazilla

    Its really sick to see that humans have such a destructive nature. and they are not killing for food, they are killing for money. whales numbers are deminishing by the day, it takes years and years for a single whale to reach adulthood. for all the stupid people who think its funny to kill whales……. ever noticed how small creatures breed quickly like insects and plankton, thats coz they are at the bottom of the food chain. animals like the whales dont need to breed quickly coz they are meant to be at the top of the food chain (in the ocean). humans just ruin the whole food chain and create disasters. so ask yourself, who is more stupid…. the whale that didnt know it was going to be slaughtered by a smaller mammal? or the human that didnt know he was slowly but surely dooming himself? stupid people think this is funny coz they dont know the meaning of life. try having somebody swing a machete at you.

  • junephilippines

    how comes the wildlife committee allowed this to happen?

  • Equalizer

    Animal Cruelty!!!

  • mike09

    These people are taking these animals for food ..There is nothing wrong with it . Ever see how your “McNuggets” were made? Humans are omnivores . Our bodies were designed to digest both animal and vegetable foods. It is a job that must be done in order to sustain us. Whether or not one is the person who prepares it , or simply consumes it , is irrelevant.

  • corbin

    I want to fly a plane over this and bomb all these people off this earth

    • chris

      then you would be no better dumbass

  • Gbanger

    That is fucked up

  • Maddie

    once a year. they get to do this. so..yea. money is better than stupid fuckin whales swimning around all happy. people are better


  • Steve

    The Faroes are a pretty small group of Islands that have hardly anything on them. They hunt the Whales annually for food so its not like this is just a pastime or hobby. There is a real need and purpose behind it. It also looks like they’re killing them as quickly as possible by severing the spine. I don’t think this is that bad.

  • PETAsux

    We are the top of the food chain
    WE can do as we please
    its not like theyre killing humans

  • Gigi

    The only greedy species on earth………human……… It's take, take, take at whatever expense. KIll this one for it's pretty fur and because your vanity's at stake, kill this one for it's fin, you can barely taste it but it's posh to eat it in your soup, kill another one for it's ivory and let's put the trinket in our china cabinet and let's kill the big furry one to show how great you were to pay someone several thousand dollars to drive you to a spot so you could go out to stalk, surprise then shoot it. It'll look great hanging on your wall in the library. No respect for living things, no respect for the heart beats that beat just like yours and no respect for the pain and suffering you cause to the helpless and innocent just because you frickin can. No wonder animals are so afraid of us. Many of you don't care how much pain you cause and someday you all will pay for it. Your children will not be able to hear the majestic trumpet of the elephant or listen to a lion's roar. We breed animals by the billions and they suffer horribly.. You sound tough when you talk about the food chain or use your witty and tasteless acronyms for a wonderful animal charity — but I bet you'd upchuck your fucking lungs out if you were to visit a slaughterhouse you shell of a people who abuse and use and scoff at the inhumanity. God have pity on the soul-less sounding spit you spew from that hole at a place you call your head. There's certainly no life there, no real love, no compassion for seeing the suffering in front of you. You'd be sputtering a different story if the tables were turned on you. Can you see it now??? I can….. How funny is this???? You feel a horrible burning sensation. You look down and see that the skin on your side is peeling open, it's actually melting and filling with puss. It hurts, it's tortuous and it's almost killing you but you can't do anything about it. You're trapped in a cage and someone is pouring an acidic fluid on you to test and see just how much it does burn…… all for the purpose of a higher profit…..the almight buck. Perhaps most of you that utter such crap and nonsense trying to sound so tough have never had a child or ever had your feelings hurt…..Perhaps you were abused all your life because those born with a heart can see animals in a way they see themselves. Parenting birds leave their nest to find food for their young, chickens love to scratch in the dirt and peck while their chicks run among them, bears protect their cubs with a vengence. Some animals protect other species of animals in certain rare cases but they most always protect their clan. They love, feel and breathe as you do and they suffer and feel pain as you do. Why would you want them to suffer?? To hurt??? It's because you are immature, a show-off, or suffering from extreme child abuse or dead inside. You are sickening.

    • chris

      funny.. with all this talk about humanity and man's cruelty towards life, not a single word spoken against abortion. Everyday, hundreds, even thousands, of human lives are ruthlessly taken. Yet you choose to spend your time lamenting a soulless creature…

      • MinervaMink

        Abortion has nothing to do with the well being of animals. That is a completely different topic and for you to bring something up like that is ignorant. Animals are also not soulless creatures, that especially is a very ignorant comment coming from an ignorant person. There are so many little facts about animals that show the human race that they are just like us, they are just one step behind. I've seen creatures left on the street to starve, I've seen people beat their animals because they had an accident on the floor or because they felt threatened and relyed on their instincts to attack just like a human would…you really need to get your head out of your rectum and take a good look and the animals and creatures surrounding you, one day they may just save your life or the life of someone you love. Don't be so quick to open your mouth about something completely off topic because you can't think of anything else to say. 🙂

      • Fish

        You're a Right-wing Christian Douchebag. Go hide out in your Church and stay there til your Mythical Messiah comes, you Asshole.

  • Just me

    First of all I´d like to mention that I usually do not comment on any pictures and/or videos of the Faroese people hunting pilot whale, but some comments to these pictures are more wrong and stronger than usual, so I´d like to clarify.

    I want get one thing straight here. The Faroe Islands are not a 3rd world country. It´s a modern society – despite it´s tiny size of just 49.000 inhabitants – with 20.000 registered vehicles, a top of the range fishing society, several companies involved in vast globalization, multiple colleges and a university.

    I myself have a hard time seeing the pilot whale get killed, because I too – as many others here – have very strong feelings about animal slaughter. What differentiates us at this point is, that I actually know what´s going on in these slaughters.
    The whales are herded toward the shore – preferably a beach for easier acces – where men with specially desgined and handcrafted knifes are waiting. When the whale is close enough, the men run towards them, make 3 knife insertions in 2 seconds, cutting off the spinal cord. After this, the whale is dead.

    As with any animal, when the whole content of blood is evacuated from the body, the muscles start contracting. This is very violent when it´s a whale weighing several hundred kilograms. This imagery, combined with pictures or video of massive blood flow in the ocean, knifes waving in the air, huge crowds of people watching these animals get slaughtered, is exactly what made the whole world go mad at the Faroese people. I agree 100% with you that it looks like they are being brutally cut open while still alive, but this isn´t the case. In the olden days, it was, and it was horrible, but was banned a long time ago, and today there are several procedures to be followed.

    The meat from the whales is thereafter distributed evenly throughout the municipalities surrounding the location of the slaughter. The whale meat isn´t for sale. It´s distributed freely without charge.

    So please people, next time you see something like this, remember what I said here. I know that it looks extremely violent and horrible, but everything isn´t as it seems. Try slaughtering 150 cows at the shore. The sea will also go read.

    – A Faroe Islander

    • save_this

      I usually don't comment on people like you but regardless the reason you are doing this – it is something against anything human.
      If you try to convince me that you can cut such animal spinal cord – while its trying to escape, with a knife, in few seconds, you are a real r3ta..rd or an offender (you are trying to offend both my intelligence and knowledge).
      What it is done there is to cut blood vessels conducting blood to brain and this because these vessels in case of the whales are somehow rounded against the spinal cord. The whale is not actually dying instantly but it is agonizing until lost of consciousness and death by hemorrhagic shock
      I know these because I am a vet and honestly, what you are doing there is by far a slaughter performed by some primitive people following an old ritual……

  • Vef

    We aren`t the top of the food chain, there are a lot of animals that are stronger than us, a lion can eat you or a shark, a bear, etc etc. the thing is that when you say that we can do as we please you are not thinking that we are not the only species in Earth, is people like you that made this world suck

  • B.

    Fuck you dolphin and whale!!

  • Faroe islander

    Please get your facts straight!!! These are pilot whales – among the highest populated whale-species in the entire ocean. They are not hunted but when a flock comes close to land, if they’re spotted, they are hurdled to shore and killed. The entire animal (except the intestines and the skeleton) is used for food – no waste – or hardly any. The rest of the carcass is hauled back to the sea where it sinks and provides food for other animals.
    The actual killing of each individual whale lasts seconds. Off course it’s bloody, and the ocean makes it look even worse than it is.
    When the whale is dead, it is taken ashore, marked with a number and it’s length, and via a complicated formula, the meat and blubber is divided equally among the participants in the actual killing and the rest of the people of the village, where the kill is performed. If the village has had other killings that year (there may be several years between kills), the major part of the meat is usually distributed to other parts of the islands, where there haven’t been any kills lately.
    Check your facts before you mouth off about something of which you have no clue!

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