Yearly mass whale hunt/massacre Faroe Islands WARNING GRAPHIC! (8 photos)

a grindadrap mass bloody whale hunt faroe islands 7 Yearly mass whale hunt/massacre Faroe Islands WARNING GRAPHIC! (8 photos)


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  • ME

    if you think this world sucks, please, feel free to leave it

  • Giovanni

    We don’t deserve at all this planet!!

  • PhilBee, NZ

    1.I am completely against this senseless massacre.
    2.I am also against knee-jerk reactions that spread like wildfire through the Internet, without due care.
    3.This original posting closely resembles an email I received recently, which was so riddled with grammatical and factual errors that I did some research to clarify things. Check out my blog, and you’ll see what I mean.

    Don’t misunderstand me – I am very much against this outdated custom. But I warn those who attempt to change the Faroese mindset: it’s a total waste of time swearing and cursing etc. You need a considered approach, perhaps offering solutions, showing a mature understanding of their situation (not AGREEING with them – just being aware of their traditions and thinking). Generate a global groundswell with reason, clarity, purpose, calmness.
    Write to the Faroes Government, NOT the Danish one (it’s not the Danes’ issue, it’s the Faroes’ killings). Aggression will only run off their backs and entrench their behaviour.
    Good luck…read my blog and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Martijn


  • Sarah

    This is really gross and kinda inhumane.. Tis tis Chive. Not your proudest moment.

  • Jon

    Man this ish is so caveman intelligence its a disgrace to whomsoever does such a brutal senseless act. If I had a sniper gun at the hill top I’d doubt I could restrain from taking these people out without feeling bad about it. The whales have more intellect and serve the world more positively.

  • Heritier

    I have never heard of such a thing… I mean, isn’t it true that at most places you can buy the rhgits to the pics at some point? Ickkk I will steer clear of any place like that!

  • SmokeyTheBear

    MMmm delicious, delicious whale…

  • Jtotheb

    The human species has hunted and harvested just like this for thousands and thousands of years! If our ancestors had not done things like this, we would not be wasting our time posting about it cuz we would not exist!

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I agree. It looks as if all they are doing is hunting/cultivating. There’s no difference betsween slaughtering a whale as opposed to a cow, pig, or chicken, crab, lobster, fish. I know whales are more exoctic so it does seem strange that they are hunted, but people still eat and use them.

  • anon

    …killing all of the remaining whales as well right?

  • MD

    “They just have to stay submerged long enough to escape, but because they are so stupid, they don’t even manage to do that”

    You know, some animals need oxygen… right?

    People are so stupid! how could they do this? and it’s not like killing a chicken… c’mon! they’re not thousands or millions!

    this is really stupid

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