• Looney

    I hate it when you put the ‘TheChive’ logo over something on the picture that is important to understanding the picture. Like #17 on this page, and it happens a lot on the ‘Motivational’ poster stuff. You should either move the logo, or leave the photo out. It’s worse than useless, it’s frustrating.

  • Anonymous

    shut-up. how much did you pay to get on this site?

  • Anonymous


  • Digitsis

    The pictures of the monkeys and apes looking sad and/or depressed are always those most heart wrenching. I guess because of their similarities to humans they look more thoughtful

  • Equalizer

    I like the 7th picture

  • snoopy

    i like the 3rd pic. that puppy is adorable!!

  • Brandon

    Animals are so emo. Kind of makes me want a hedgehog though.

  • P-90

    Pics 3 and 24….awwwwwwwww.

  • Chiver-sans-StPattys-Shirt

    I felt just like these animals when theChivery froze a.d I didn’t get my St Patricks Day shirt. Now I’m working my graveyard shift at this big ass powerplant scrolling the old Chive posts passing the time knowing that the next shirts released will probably hit theChivery shortly after one of my shifts ends and I’m passed smooth out. Anyone else scroll the OldSchool Chive while waiting for the new posts?

  • Chiver-sans-StPattys-Shirt

    Also, still a loyal Chiver. Still Keeping Calm & Chivin On.

  • AsH....

    I like this all pic

  • Always Last


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