Remember Doritos girl Ali Landry? I do. (50 photos + 2 videos)

a2 ali landry sexy pics gallery topless 39 Remember Doritos girl Ali Landry? I do. (50 photos + 2 videos)

Remember these classic Doritos commercials:

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  • xclusive02

    SWEET. I love Doritos

  • top dog

    She-it!! I’ll eat a bag of Doritos with her.

  • Equalizer

    I bet she’s more yummy than those Doritos…

  • StrapOnThatJammyPac

    Now that’s a woman!! Anybody see Repli-Kate?

  • brian

    why the hell would A.C. Slater cheat on that?!!!!!!!! insane

  • Munk85

    Made me like doritos a little more

  • ntaka


  • Anonymous

    She has some messed up implants…

  • Dr. Poop

    As a MD, one of my biggest work related fantasies involves Ms. Landry having to be treated for impacted feces, a condition for which I happen to be lucky enough to be the individual who has to manually extract them.

  • Diamonds

    There’s no betting about it. She wins, hands down.

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