Uncanny total look-a-likes (18 photos)

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  • Anonymous

    sexy ass

  • Amanda

    So where’s your credit to TotallyLooksLike.com, Mr. Resig?

  • tim

    The credit to totallylookslike.com is underneath all the photos where is says [PHOTO SOURCE] Ms Amanda..

  • Amanda

    Thank you, Mr. Tim, for clearing that up. As a newbie to The Chive, I hadn’t yet noticed the source links (and was far too snide in my comment, which I regret). Carry on!

  • Anonymous

    Is it really necissary to put the chive sticker on every single picture? Is it too much to ask that you at least pay attention to where you are putting it and not cover up words and/or cleavage? That happens far too often.

    • TallMichael

      They have to cover up the other site where they got the photo from

  • ballers

    I like how everything on the left is POSTED AT THE CHIVE.COM


  • top dog

    Hehehehehehe!!! thats pretty funny.

  • Krashtester

    ooh, did the wittle wepublican get his wittle feelings hurt? Shudup! There’s no whining in The Chive!

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