• Philipe

    Yes, pretty scenes. Now show us how large are the insects and how many legs they have?

  • Percy

    Bali is one of the most exotic and beautiful holiday destination in the world, so shut the f*ck up philipe.

  • G-Man

    Does anyone know the name of this place?

  • Salty

    Philipe, you are stupid

  • Mark

    Bali is meh. the only nice place is your hotel and hotel room. go into town and its full of hookers and people on the streets trying to sell you my books that is not exotic. on the plus side..things are very cheap over there

  • brendan

    Ya just know thats one of those places where it’s like $700 a night

  • Big Bob

    I like how everyone bashes Philipe for simply saying that it is pretty and that there are big bugs there. “Shut the F up” and “you are stupid”? What did he say to deserve that? The place IS in the jungle after all…the bugs probably are big. God forbid someone actually state a truth about such a lovely place! These types of resorts are gorgeous and you’ll have a great time, as long as you stay in the resort. Walk half a mile away from most of these “exotic” destinations and you’ll see just how lousy these places can be. Mark said it well – full into hookers and people trying to sell you things. Let’s not forget the crime of such a poor place, as well as the beggars and thieves.

    By the way, Bali is in Indonesia, which is mostly Muslim, and of course we all know…Islam is a peace-loving religion. Don’t let a few million bad apples ruin it for you.

  • S

    Its the Four Seasons in Ubud!
    The photos don’t its natural beauty justice!

  • J

    nice place… enjoy it first, talk latter…

  • big bob is an arse

    check out my nickname

  • Munk85

    awesome place….

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