She made her boyfriend lunch every day (19 Photos)

crazy lunches lead She made her boyfriend lunch every day (19 Photos)

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  • Steve

    damn. any woman who makes lunches THAT awesome is a keeper in my book

  • Lana

    Jesus, if that chick can make lunches that good, why would she waste it on JUST her bf?
    I mean,like, come on? Start a bussiness if you asked me

  • S.

    I’m leaving my girlfriend.

    Right now.

  • http://adfaf The Nigger Guy

    Fucking japs! what will they think of next?

    • Alp

      you are a piece of shit

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  • Space

    SOTC anyone?

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I'll pass. Looks like she spent a lot of time shaping things up with her hands. Kinda grosses me out. Nice idea though.

    • Frenzy

      and if she wore disposable food prep gloves?

  • Equalizer

    I hope she’s good in Bed too not just in the Kitchen…

  • underground

    Almighty CHRIST, I’m hungry. I wanna bite of No-Face’s head so bad.

  • Jon

    the 14th one looks like the sisters of perpetual indulgence when I saw them at gay pride 09 in San Francisco

  • Anonymous

    I bet she beats him, and uses this as leverage to keep him.

  • bear warning

    thats a man killer, a silent killer

  • Lang

    What’s the big deal with the fried egg open-face sandwich?

  • keith

    mmm pancakes with lettuce and carrots. my fave

  • LiaMMV

    Shadow of the Colossus on toast. I would do anything for this girl. The egg and bacon pic looks reasonably mundane. Maybe it was just that time of the month…

  • Ang

    Bento is awesome. 🙂

  • Boris

    This is definitely not an American woman. You can tell by how much care she puts into these,and lack of lazy. 😀

    If this guy doesn't marry her.. he is a retard.

    • Frenzy

      Hey now! I'm an American woman and I make lunch for my guy every day. That's how I stumbled onto this page….I was looking for new recipes! XD And besides most American women aren't too lazy to make their guys lunches. Lots of guys either don't eat lunch or prefer to eat out on break with their co-workers. You, Boris, just need to look for that nice sweet girl not the top model feminist who will tell you to make it yourself. 😀

  • Ted

    The design on the background looks vaugly german, are you sure this girl is Japanese? Just because it’s bento art doesn’t mean she’s japanese.

  • steven frijoles

    girlfriend: do you want a sandwich?
    me: k
    girlfriend: turkey's in the fridge.
    me: -_-

    true story bro

  • kiljoy

    Bet she's Psycho!

  • sarah

    she's a virgin

  • AshTheMohican

    Shadow of the Colossus!!! I would kill for this girl.. seriously. KILL!!

  • jstave

    Did she put the cheese in the printer? howd she do that?

  • Giggity

    This is an awesome girlfriend!


    […] She made her boyfriend lunch every day (19 Photos) […]

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