• marc

    Who is the autor of this work? I like it!

  • suby

    wow……….I have the clay can you teach me how to make any of these b’ful projects…….

  • ixxy

    Hi – who is this fab artist, I love your work, I have been looking for this sort of art to illustrate my graphic design company, are you commissionable!!!!

    • charlotte

      I know the artist and can tell you, but check out my work first &lt ;>. Send me an email at the sales address on my site, and I'll share with you who the artist is! I'm commissionable too. : )

    • charlotte oh

      Typo… &lt ;> Check out my clay art!

  • Digitsis

    These are really cool. I too would like to know more… who did them and how big they are.

  • Da Cuntstabber

    Meninas yeah!!

  • pramila

    wow!!! incredibal art!!!


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