The terrifying works by photographer Joshua Hoffine (20 photos)

a joshua hoffine scares kids pics0 The terrifying works by photographer Joshua Hoffine (20 photos)

Joshua Hoffine has become America’s premiere horror photographer. Using elaborate sets and precise lighting angles, Josh easily prods our innermost fears. Check out his most recent work here.

  • Carlos M.V.

    some really scary!

  • Wayne

    Some disturbing images-not just the horror-but half dressed children. Inappropriate!

  • bangersnmash

    Ger over it Wayne.
    Awesome photos. Shame about gits who can’t handle children in underpants.

  • Leo Resig

    Dear Wayne, Don’t come back if you can’t handle the art on TheChive!

  • PolarClaire

    those photos are great. they are pretty scary and adding the children really added a little something.

  • herve

    it would be inappropriate if the kids were being used in some sort of sexual manner. but they aren’t. you need to calm down mrs. lovejoy. although the first one could be a representation of pedo’s.

  • viki

    i saw how joshua did the photo with the devil popping up out of the floor… the girl is his daughter. he is very proud of what a wonderful little actress she is. she has fun at it too. you can probably google it, or go to his website. He showed how that particular photo shoot was done, it was amazing. I don’t think he was aiming for inappropriate, just his way of being artistic.

  • Anonymous

    You know what’s freaky? I didn’t even notice the picture of the girl in her underwear until Wayne said something..That’s sad that out of the whole artistic look of these photos that this sicko (WAYNE) focuses on the little girl.

  • Gill Avila

    I think the one with a little girl outside a cabin was good. The only complaint I have is that the skulls on the ground were overkill. Sometimes subtle is better.

  • gishikin

    I REALLY like #12 for some reason……the rest are pretty bad-ass but # 12 is especially intoxicating for some reason…reminds me of someone, someone I briefly met once, Jason, no…Alain…Gayne, wait, that’s not even a word…it’ll come, to me…fucking hated that guy…

  • Shreeya

    I had to see these at one at night, no? Just before I sleep, without my light working, no? Anyhow, fabulous pictures. The clown behind the bedsheet made me think of King’s It.

    • Brandon

      Yeah, i’m pretty sure that’s what he was going for between the claw, balloons and hair.

  • Hammie

    Lol, I love the dead Uncle Sam one.


    The others are just as lovely.


  • Rina

    Fucking hell that one with the dead lady popping out of the ground and grinning at the girl will haunt me forever. But the rest are pretty awesome.

  • Brandon


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  • ...rofl...


  • Hannah

    Wayne, if you actually look at a bunch of half-dressed kids and can’t see a bunch of black and white half-dressed kids, you are a paedophile. I mean think about it, you felt bad after seeing the children and you were worried about the sexual image they portrayed, who else would see that then a pedo? You may look down at the convicted paedophiles, when in reality you’re no better.

  • Random

    wayne thats the only thing you notice… that little girl fucking perv

  • denzino

    these are awesome! i'll be checking out his other stuff! you guys should do a new post!

  • blaa

    Wow very creepy!! Especially the hidden clowns, but that's because I think clowns are creepy to begin with lol!!

  • lo...l

    what the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


  • Impressed

    Spectacular work – truly brilliant! You have an extraordinary imagination and I see the dissenting comments as an endorsement of what it is you are trying to achieve, which is shock and frighten people – so keep complaining people, it's a compliment in disguise whether you like it or not! Keep up the awesome work, Joshua! 🙂

  • Fish

    What a great eye for what scares us all. Not
    only kids, but Adults as well. Brilliant!

  • maggie

    youre an idiot wayne

  • wha d fuh

    its called projection, seek help wayne

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