Are these dolls creepy or just extra creepy? (15 photos)

a scary freaky dolls 13 Are these dolls creepy or just extra creepy? (15 photos)

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  • Carlos M.V.

    wow really scary

  • lakooo

    zzz I thought this would be enough for me to handle …
    didnt turn out that it is so f*cking scary …
    should have before hand-warning …

  • hellooo

    aaaahhhh!! man those are scary!!

  • MentalFloss

    The one in the little yellow parka is almost cute…

    But the rest are gonna give me friggin’ nightmares.

  • PyScHo_cOoKiE

    …is that a Hitler action figure?…these dolls are terrifying! T^T

  • Jeanne

    :/ Wonder why my comment was taken down. ANd I try registering on this site and get no email.

  • mimi

    awww. they’re cute. :3

  • Anonymous


  • Bobbius Corwen

    I want most of those…

    Most of ’em aren’t creepy at all…Some of ’em are tryin’ too hard or they failed to provoke ‘ny kind of significant reaction.

  • ...rofl...

    i want a hitler doll

  • skeetios88

    Creepy doesn’t cut it….i kind of want to vomit now…

  • Rex Hondo

    I think one of those actually stole a part of my soul…

  • alicia

    Yep yep, its really creepy,just like the one in the movies

  • Jeanne

    -_- And it’s back again. Don’t I feel a fool. Back on the track though, those potato looking dolls I do find are a little creepy, I think more just weird.

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