Who is the Stig? (9 Photos)

stig lead Who is the Stig? (9 Photos)
“Some say he never blinks, and that he roams around the woods at night foraging for wolves. All we know is, he’s called the Stig.”

Recently, Ask.com revealed their 9th most asked question overall is this: “Who is the Stig?”
In the name of fun, The Chive would like to address the myriad conspiracies circulating this hotly debated topic and try to answer the question, who is Stiggy?

black stig Who is the Stig? (9 Photos)

A Little History 
The first Stig (nearly named ‘The Gimp’) was an F1 driver named Perry McCarthy. McCarthy was the Black Stig through the first two season of the re-release of Top Gear. Eventually Perry tired of the anonymity, outed himself in his memoirs, and was ceremoniously killed by driving himself off the HMS Invincible Aircraft Carrier in a nitrous powered Jaguar. 
McCarthy was replaced by the White Stig we know today. This is where the speculation frenzy begins.

lewis hamilton first Who is the Stig? (9 Photos)

Feb 4, 2008
Comedian Omid Djalili appeared on ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’ segment insisted that the Stig is actually McLaren’s star pilot Lewis Hamilton based on conversations he had with The Stig.

lewis hamilton against stig Who is the Stig? (9 Photos)

To combat the rumors, this face-off photo was taken shortly thereafter ‘proving’ Hamilton is not the Stig.

stig eyes Who is the Stig? (9 Photos)

Feb 22nd, 2008
A camera flash penetrated The Stig’s crash helmet at a London promotion sparking an eye-off. Many said the eyes belong to British racer Ben Collins. Collins was also listed as Top Gear’s ‘High Performance Driver’ in the accident report filed after Richard Hammond’s famous Vampire Accident.
One commenter on Autoblog countered that, “Ben’s schedule is too hectic for him to be the Stig.”
Another commenter on the popular social bookmarking site Digg.com said, “I’m a bit dissappointed to learn The Stig has eyes at all.”

stig decoy helmet off Who is the Stig? (9 Photos)

May 22, 2008
A camera-weilding Dutch fanboy made waves by taking these photos of a helmetless man in a white jump suit while Top Gear filmed on location. The man pictured is Volkswagen Polo racer Tim Schrick.

who is the stig 1 Who is the Stig? (9 Photos)

Dec 3rd 2008,
The Guardian recently reported that F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen took up the role during a Top Gear testing at Renault’s base.

stig santa 1 Who is the Stig? (9 Photos)

Present Day
Seemingly, the most popular theory is that the Stig is a small collection of people, like Santa at a mall. The theory is that Top Gear uses a few top racers which keeps the audience constantly guessing.
As recently as Dec 14th, a group of Scouts honored the Stig as a part of the Scouts 101st anniversary. The Stig never removed his helmet once despite 30 degree temperatures. Top Gear released a statement from the event,

“The Team would also like to commend the two scouts who were attacked by The Stig during the presentation ceremony for displaying such ingenuity and courage.”

In closing, I met a bloke at a bar once who said, “I’m better off not knowing and pretending it’s me.”
In an odd way, my bar buddy isn’t far off. The Stig is a mysterious superhero of sorts. Shrouded in secrecy, lightning fast, he even rescues three bumbling Brits when they’re in need of help.

And so it goes. Our search to place a mortal name on the myth has fallen short. All we know is….he’s called The Stig.

stig hero shot Who is the Stig? (9 Photos)

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  • yo mama

    I am. Stig.

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  • Anonymous

    It's Ben Collins. Confirmed.

    • https://www.facebook.com/keno06 Keno Lawrence

      It was Ben Collins, not anymore though

  • Steve - Make Money Online

    Okay I confess I am not The Stig but wish I was because that is some cool driving.

  • Filip

    just confirmed, it was schumacher, its really annoying now you know it is him, because you wont see the stig as the stig, but as schumacher!!1!

  • robin yates

    definately Michael Schumaker,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Moi

    People are thinking the Schumacher thing was just a publicity stunt…

  • xclusive02

    not sure, but I got another comment post. Looks kind of gay actually

  • annon

    stumbled across this….., so thought I shed some light….

    There is no actual stig……, most of the HIGH end cars taken round the track are by the official test drivers of that company.. 2 reasons for this are:

    1. Insurance and that they only really trust their own people
    2. It’s likely that someone who knows the car best is going to get the best time out of it

    hope that clears it up

  • Bear

    Some say his urine glows under ultra violet light…. and that he once ate an entire caravan of gypsies simply because he 'craved something that went well with cabbage'… all we do know is his name is THE STIG!!!

    • J^K3


  • Anonymous

    ‘Some say that his first name really is ‘The’ and if he went on celebrity love island everyone would be pregnant even the cameramen, all we know is he’s called The Stig’

  • jamen

    somebody set us up a bomb

  • Jason

    Those that post “confirmed”, actually need to link to hard-evidence, concrete confirmation. Some anonymous twat saying “confirmed” doesn’t prove anything other than that the poster is an anonymous twat.

  • Tom

    The first mistake you people have made is assuming that The Stig is even human

  • P-90

    Some say that his first name really is 'The' and if he went on Celebrity Love Island everyone would be pregnant, even the cameramen, all we know is he's called The Stig.

  • Head chef

    Ben Collins – Im glad they shot cardboard cutouts of the stig with guns.

  • Macca11irl

    clarkeson on New Stig 2011: "This one is illiterate, so he cant write a book"

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  • Busternut

    You don't use the "The" in the definitive form when announcing The Stig.

    Some say that to unlock him, you have to run your finger down his face, and that if he was getting divorced from Paul McCartney, he'd keep his stupid whiny mouth shut! All we know is, he's called the Stig.

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