This week in Cracked 'Craptions' 12.14.08 (10 Photos)

kraptions dec lead This week in Cracked 'Craptions' 12.14.08 (10 Photos)

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  • Max

    this is fucking hilarious

  • maribella

    it would be nice if you guys wouldn’t plaster your effing logo over the captions. oddly, i’d actually like to read them.

  • Rachel

    That Chuck Norris has always been one of my favorites.

  • Ken

    “The inventor of the ejaculating trash can was disappointed by its poor sales in stores.”

    What a waste of good scorpions.

  • Bruce Alexander Fellers

    You ruined #5

  • Leo

    Does anyone have a kleenex for Maribella? Anyone? Please!! We are in a global recession, 10% of the world’s population does not know when they will get their next meal, 114 people die each day in car accidents in the US alone and Maribella cannot read the captions!!!! AAaaaahhhhhh!!!

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