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  • robin yates

    trouble is when you fire a very powerful sniper round,,,,,lots of dust is kicked up

    • Fuzzybeard2016

      There’s also the millimeter-band radar based anti-sniper systems starting to come into play.

  • xclusive02

    nerves of steel to be able to do that. I have a hard time focusing in on a deer with my scope.

  • aaa

    What could be better than having a raghead in your sights and then pulling the trigger?


      Not being a Racist.

  • Brandon

    #10 POW right in the kisser

  • Munk85

    One of the best jobs in the military and law enforcement

  • SSG. Hard

    #4 – I was there!!! Poland 2007. We were training the Polish Army for their mission to Afganistan. This was the sniper team. I was with the Combat Engineers (we got to play with C4 & TNT). Good times….

  • socket2me

    anyone can say what is the purpose ofthe wire going from the bipod to the shooter's wrist ?

    • socket2me

      oh hmm, in pic 15

  • hasan

    i useed tht in 93 a great weapon i ever use in war

  • http://google TSHEPO

    I used dat when I was at task force for people who hijek cars nd who robb banks.most powerful gun I like

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