British Army snipers [today] demonstrated the superb operating capability of the new Long Range Rifle on the ranges of the Land Warfare Centre in Warminster. The L115A3 Sniper Rifle has an effective range of more than 1 kilometre and fires an 8.59mm bullet which is less likely to be deflected over extremely long ranges.

Snipers in the Army, Royal Marines and RAF Regiment are to get the new rifle, providing them with more power, precision and stealth than ever before. The rifle is also equipped with all-weather day and night sights and laser technology, allowing for accurate targeting around the clock.

Specialist weapons instructor WO2(?) ‘Howie’ Howard described the L115A3 as ‘An awesome bit of kit which greatly increases the sniper’s accuracy and reach. It has been brought into service following feedback from our guys operating in theatre and I believe it to be a world-class weapon’.

580 of the new rifles, which are manufactured by British firm Accuracy International, are being supplied as part of the broader Sniper System Improvement programme.

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