Funky unconventional architecture (47 photos)

a crazy buildings architecture 2 Funky unconventional architecture (47 photos)

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  • Eddie

    Couldn’t have one of these galleries without putting the Ryugyong in there.

    I love the book one! But the size of Charlotte’s Web in real-life is in no way comparable to Lord of the Rings, hee.

    The upside-down Wonderworks building, and the warped building in the first picture, are pretty sweet.

  • rocknroll101

    Ive been to that ripleys musam

  • rocknroll101


  • rocknroll101

    Is anybody on here?

  • Lizzie

    I’ve been to the upside down wonderworks place 🙂 It was fun.

  • sopot

    First one – Krzywy Domek in Sopot, POLAND. beautiful city on the seaside.

  • Underhill

    Although I have seen many of these pictures on other sites the only structure
    I can identify with any certainty is #25 the Bahai' House of Worship in India.
    All of them are striking in appearance, the one near Chicago is a real land mark
    and the one in Australia is also very interesting.

  • Mike p

    #9 is in Sedina, Ax

    • Mike p

      That is Sedona, Az

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