Incredibly tiny Swiss Mini Gun can kill you (12 photos + 1 video)

a swiss mini gun pics 6 Incredibly tiny Swiss Mini Gun can kill you (12 photos + 1 video)

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Demonstration Video:

  • dred

    Add this to the Swiss army knife and you wonder why they’re neutral

    What an arsenal

  • Dave

    A gun like this could kill you? C’mon… I’d be more afraid of a Red Ryper BB gun. it would have 10 times the power of this very expensive pipsqueak!

  • Equalizer

    Great gift for Grandpa… hehehehe….

  • LOL

    uh oh watch out someones gonna take out an army of toy soldiers

  • CBRdream21

    Seriously have you read the ballistics on this thing I can put more energy behind a spit wad!

  • Mazhar

    I saw the helicopter, too, and it deltiniefy turned around, and then turned BACK around and continued in the direction it was INITIALLY going.

  • siddhant raghuwanshi

    sir i love this gun sir can i see non triger gun

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