Baby on Nirvana's Nevermind album is 17 -recreates famous photo (3 photos)

a nirvana nevermind baby sp Baby on Nirvana's Nevermind album is 17  recreates famous photo (3 photos)
Spencer Elden took the famous photo for Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ album 17 years ago and his parents were paid $200. He recently recreated the photo at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center in Pasadena, California -the same place where the original photo was taken.

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  • j

    “I’ve never met you before, but I can guarantee that you’ve seen my penis”

  • Red

    He's a cheat! he had board shorts on!

    • Brian

      He's embarrased because he has the same size penis

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  • chachachive

    how would you like to have done the best thing you’ll ever do in your life when you were 6 months old. Poor guy

  • im da baby

    its bigger now bros

  • Cassandrart

    I like him better as a baby 😛 He was much more talented 😛 he’s not even looking at the money now

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  • Equalizer

    Red is Gay…

  • Rose

    He’s only a little bit older than me, which makes me feel very, very young.

  • GabachoMike

    probably still hung like a gerbil

  • Weezy

    how newsworthy

  • Viewer

    it would suck to have everyone know you were circumcised, such an awful mutilation

    • Charlie

      it would suck for people to know you're not circumcised, because then they know you're different from everyone else 😉

  • al

    dude he looks like my crush >_> wait…

  • dude

    nothin wrong with circumcised cocks

  • Erik

    Poor boy he was cimcumcised without having a choice to decide if he want to conserve his foreskin or not.

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