1933 German Safety Handbook. Warning: Disturbing (32 photos)

a 1933 german safety manual 1933 German Safety Handbook. Warning: Disturbing (32 photos)
A 1993 German book on safety vividly demonstrates the warnings of electricity and general hazards in life. This depicted illustrations of children in deadly situations…wow. I don’t beleive this manual was a joke at the time either.

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  • Reallity

    I want a do over, all the people are just so visually displeasing.
    They have angry face and I will NOT stand for it.

  • Kim

    It looks like a suicide manual for masochists.

  • rhodiaan

    this is not 1933??? Or do you mean 1993?

  • CM

    You caption says 1993 while the title (which is probably correct) states 1933.

    • Peety Meenus

      My argument for 1993 and against 1933:
      Pic#3 is obviously two kids reenacting a scene from Home Alone. The Movie was released Fall of 1990, thus eliminating 1933 leaving the only other option… 1993. It's science.

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        My argument against your argument is that it was a movie, and therefore inspired by real life. Since 1933 came before Fall of 1990, you are incorrect… Your argument is invalid.

  • Eddie

    At that time,electricity was new and terrible,preventable accidents were happening.My dad didn’t have electricity in this country till the late 30’s,in rural Tennessee.It was a way to educate those who couldn’t read.

  • dingo

    they look like they are having the time of their lives


      You ate my baby!

  • J. Briz

    I like the kid pissing on the power line. Just like a Euro to piss where ever he wants. Greatness!

    • nelly02

      what?! my eyes deceive me. a euro? you mean the people who colonised america? the continent that has had civilisation for over a 1000 years? yes? you thick inbred prick fuck off and die.

      • TiminPhx

        And yet this backward mix of Native Americans, be it South, Central, or Northern peoples never invented the wheel.

        The Europeans however had done so a few thousand years before.

        But keep telling yourself how special how all these movers of mud were.

  • Anonymous

    is the guy with the two night lights getting dome?

  • Anonymous

    turns out everything electrocutes you in Germany. The guy in bed with the two lamps just looks like hes trying to kill himself though…

  • markkens

    This is a hoot…never piss on a live wire
    Pippi Longstockings with her headphones on
    and Doctor Rotwang at #29

    and 2-lamps has had enough of this cruel world, I agree.

  • TiminPhx

    So you see my friends, it wasn't posion gas that killed the Jews, but faulty wiring.



    • Oolon Colluphid

      "However, it was not until the 1920s that the hairdryer began to go on the market in handheld form."
      Wikipedia entry on Hair Dryers

      Do the research before making an ass out of yourself.

  • Andy

    Yeah all I can say to this is WTF ?? Lol

  • Chuckie

    And this is why they lost the both wars, everyone was dying at the home front from freak electrical accidents

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