Emos suck. (37 photos)

a emo pete wentz 34 Emos suck. (37 photos)
Note: After compiling this post I learned a lot about Emo culture. I realized that Emo’s are not only sad, depressed, insecure people, but they are also hard workers; they work their flat-asses off to achieve such ridiculousness. And they love taking pictures of themselves. That is all.

emo pete wentz 1 Emos suck. (37 photos)

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  • Anonymous

    You guys can all to hell. I’m emo because my grandpa raped me when I was freaking 9 years old and haven’t told anyone about until this year. My bestfriend is emo too and cuts herself because of what happened to me. There is nothing wrong with being different! Normal is boring. Our hair is the way we like it, and we aren’t “whiny, self-centered weirdos.


    Why do you hate emos so much? They don't do anything to yo, Are you hating on the fact that they look good? You only wish you could pull that look off. I'd rather look like an emo than your average fat ass Joe and Janes walking around eating their donuts, like most of you fucking americans do. Go fuck yourself, listen to your fuckin GAGA bitch, and stop hating on emos.

  • Leo

    "…and they love taking pictures of themselves" -Leo
    You can say the same for all those chicks, douches and preps? Anyone taking a pic of themselves through a mirror is bloody lame.

  • Fish

    Emo is Goth with long bangs to hide behind. Lame. Go die.

  • Tuco

    gow up ppl,let the kids be as fools as they want

  • realtalk

    I cant believe someone would be emo. Its like, do you have half of a brain?

  • Axy

    You know you’re old when you star ragging on todays teenage culture. You’ve turned into your parents 😉

  • Axy

    You know you're old when you star ragging on todays teenage culture. You've turned into your parents 😉

  • Ricky Runyon

    Being emo is just a fad. It's a mix of punk and goth. I used to be all punk when I was a teen. This was before you could by jeans acid washed or with holes in them. I grew up poor and my pants looked like this because I couldn't get better. It was just how I was because I said fuck it, I'm poor and I don't give a fuck. I had a goth girlfriend. She wasn't goth because she wanted to be different, she just liked dark and grotesque things. She was actually the happiest and most easy going girl I ever knew. Emo kids spend thousands of their parents hard earned dollars to be "individuals" and support a fad that a shit load of people follow. They act sad because they think being a teenage is hard. When they miss curfue and their parents turn their cellphone off and they can't use Facebook. Being a teenage is the easy part. Being an adult is hard. People do have hard lives and I understand that, but majority of emo kids are just doing it because they think it's cool. Depression doesn't make you be emo. A hard life doesn't make you emo. To an older comments on page one, you rose up against hardships (daddy raped her, providing for her and an 8yo brother) to do what was needed. That doesn't make you emo, that makes you a human being. Being emo is ridiculous. Though, I do like some of their music… =)

  • Gerald

    I skimmed this at the booortkse yesterday just to see what this was all about.. funny, it was in the rock music area so at least it was technically in the right section if following the word emo but I felt the book should have belonged more with society/culture.While it may be interesting to read as culture phenom or psychology, the book wasn’t that funny and it seemed more like a Emo 101 tutorial than anything . like it has store listings where emos shop (from clothing to music), music to listen to, haircuts, tips for jewelry or accessories, how to build your myspace or getting the right gadgets and how to act at underground concerts. I’m 28 and not exactly an emo but I’m pretty close (minus the haircut) and felt like this book was teaching literally how to become an emo or cool when it should be a natural thing. If you are an emo, you aren’t acting cool to be cool though! Emos are against mainstream society, are usually shy/reserved and are more intelligent than what others perceive of them. That sounds like romanticism, but honestly.. unless you want to know if you are an emo or not, I don’t think we need a book to classify ourselves. The parallel to this book would be a book coming out on how to be a gangsta or a redneck.There’s an old quote that comes to mind it goes, I think, therefore I am.

  • EmoLover



    silly EMO fags

  • No noob

    Emos are People with emotional problems? Maybe if the problem is lack of personality and being a follower. People with emotional problems can also be called teenagers. Now grow up and find yourself a personality!

  • Dank Afro Nugs Grape

    Indubitably. 🙂

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