Endless hypnotizing flash animation (1 infinite photo)

endless trippy flash animation Endless hypnotizing flash animation (1 infinite photo)
Step 1. Click on link below after you read step 2.
Step 2. Once you enter, click with your mouse and hold down and move it forward to move forward and back to move back.


  • Digitsis

    This is very cool. There is so much going on in here. Kind of made me dizzy

  • One Sick Puppy

    Makes my eyes water! Very cool though

  • nelly02


  • PJ Fry

    this made me shiz myself

  • Clay

    Oldie but Goodie (esp on hallucinogenics)

  • Thor Mannion

    wake n bake ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • happykyd

    a little reminiscent of DMT

  • myhaternation

    I hope these guys have sweet jobs, They deserve the funds to keep creating this great stuff

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