Car logos through the years (11 photos)

a changing car logos years 0 Car logos through the years (11 photos)

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  • Carlos M.V.

    great post

  • Eddie

    Nice post, but it’d be better without the gigantic Chive logo at the bottom-right of each picture which prevents us from seeing the year that each current car-company logo was adopted. It would have been nice for y’all to account for that.

  • Tony

    Great post !!!!

    By the way could you in you next post get merc , lambo and ferrari

  • Yasumy

    Fucking, motherfuckers honestly… stop putting that fucking logo on. You remind me more and more of fucking ebaum…
    Look at what you did here in particularly.. you messed it up, nobody knows what year the latest logo was published, because we can’t fucking read it.
    You guys are pissing me off. There is no need for your fucking logo.

    • HOR HAY

      YEAH!! FUCK!!!

  • Stealialich

    Looks like you are a real specialist. Did ya study about the theme? lol

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  • Hypno germ

    Gawd-Damn "theChive" watermark blocked the year the latest logo was used for EVERY picture! come on guys, don't be stupid.

  • Macgruber

    Chive logo fail…

  • SoMyNameGoesHere?

    Has anyone above me mentioned that their logo blocks the dates?

  • Adam

    Does anyone else see a swastika and iron cross in the original VW logo? Both or subtle but seem to be there. Maybe I'm just on the good stuff.

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