Afternoon Crime: Best mug shots of the year (16 Photos)

crime mug lead Afternoon Crime: Best mug shots of the year (16 Photos)

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  • Daniel

    Nice! You ripped off The Smoking Gun! You’re Awesome!!!!

  • ckseminole

    bahahahahahahahahaha OBAMA bahahahahahahahaha!

  • Hammy

    Yeah, some redneck cop went nuts arresting black dems. THAT has never happened before.

    • Steve

      Yeah, even that white guy was really a black dem wearing makeup so he wasn’t called a republican.
      go change!

  • Maddie

    Love the line up of mugshots, and there all wearing Obama shirts! shows who he got his votes from. that says sooo much for him! lmao

  • Scottie

    Or, rather it can be another lash out by a minority sore from its position. Way of life, cycles in history. Dems suppressed by the leading Reps during the miserable Bush admin, now weve got Reps trying to claw back their foothold under a popular Dem admin. Same old shtuff.
    Bet you we could find just as many criminals who are/were pro-McCain-Palin. Then again, maybe the compiler of this lineup of photos has Rep leanings. Politics lol.

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  • Hope

    #19 is one of my really good friends haha. i love finding him on things like this. it’s always a shock first. then just funny.

  • ozzie

    you won’t find any people wearing sarah palin or republican shirts because there’s very few of them left, or the republicans are millionaires who can afford to pay their way out

  • shouldbeworkingtoday

    #2 … mom?

  • Anon

    #7 has a little tear in his eye. Ahh bless!

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